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Thread: Need help about Fine Tuning and Overclocking

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    Need help about Fine Tuning and Overclocking

    I have newly built a Computer as of the view up and i require a small assist fine tuning it plus look keen on fundamental overclocking. Below is my configuration:
    • Motherboard: Gigabyte N680SLI-DQ6
    • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
    • Ram: OCZ 2GB PC2-8500 DDR2 1066 NVIDIA SLI RAM
    • GPU or VGA: BFG GeForce 8800 GTX OC2 Overclocked 768MB Graphics Card
    • PSU: Atrix Extreme 600W
    • HDD: Samsung 500GB Sata II HDD 7200RPM

    Only 5 passed now and I got that it doesn’t appears to be functioning or operating good as I expected. Right now it is operating Vista 32bit Premium version. While playing Battlefield 2142 the system is still experience a few lagging. So I think that it needs a fine tuning in favor of overclocking. So I am asking you some tips about it. As I said I am new to overclocking. So tips must be easily understandable. Thanks in advance for any kind of help.

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    Re: Need help about Fine Tuning and Overclocking

    I think that before go for overclocking you need to check your system once again. I have a doubt that whether it has been configured properly or not. First thing after configuration is to look for upgrades. It may be motherboard driver, VGA, external peripheral, operating system as well as BIOS. Update them to most recent version and see whether issue still persists or not. For lagging you need to set the video settings for highest. Also check that whether the game is compatible with your system configuration or not. If you are playing online or as multiplayer then check the broadband speed.

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    Re: Need help about Fine Tuning and Overclocking

    I think that before overcloking you should run some benchmark to get your whole usage scores. It may be a GPU score or CPU score. Install the CPU-Z before go for overclocking and get the complete information about your system. Analyze the values get in that app, understand it and then go for fine tuning. Without knowing about your system like CPU, GPU and memory you will not be able to overclock it perfectly. You will completely mess the full functionality. For lagging download an app which will act as an indicator for Frame rates or FPS.

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    Re: Need help about Fine Tuning and Overclocking

    Overclocking characteristics designed for the motherboard consists of hardware in excess of voltage manage by the use of IC used for additional straight voltage modifications of CPU, RAM as well as chipsets. Your motherboard may furnish through a hardware linear genuine instance voltage manage and is proficient of better stepping on top of arrange of 0.001V when desirable. Lest somewhat goes skewed, the some functions in your motherboard may throw up a miscalculation code. It might be helpful for a beginner to overclock their system if their motherboard has customary dualBIOS backups along with auto overclocking breakdown recovery.

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    Re: Need help about Fine Tuning and Overclocking

    it takes a couple days to get a good stable oc, I'm probably not giving you the right advice, but you should work on cpu stability first, you can easily hit 3ghz with the E6600 on air with a sufficient cooler, as far as video the 8800 is fairly outdated BUT will easily play most anything
    Core 2 Quad Extreme Qx9650 @ 3.96ghz
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    Re: Need help about Fine Tuning and Overclocking

    If you're operating by the side of 1280x1024 resolutions then GTX will murder whichever game it's offered by. My merely apprehension about your required specification is that yes, actually all PC games are GPU reliant however they moreover rely on top of the processor for supplying information toward the card throughout games playing. The E6600 won't encompass whichever difficulty by the side of the resolution which I stated, otherwise still at 1680x1050 but some superior may cover some issues.

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    Re: Need help about Fine Tuning and Overclocking

    As you are beginner and for that purpose I am telling you that leave fine tuning and overclocking for now. Just do a favor, install a good benchmark called 3dmark06 and run it. It’s a artificial benchmark and will furnish you a first-rate suggestion of how the system is functioning. On the subject of overclocking, the multiplier resting on the 6600 is protected therefore you'll necessitate to plunge it (almost certainly) and awake the FSB. Nevertheless in favor of whichever overclock, run 3dmark06 (because it’s extremely module concentrated) within a circle on behalf of 3-5 times to verify the strength of the overclock.

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