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Thread: Overclock AMD athlon 64 x2 3800

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    Overclock AMD athlon 64 x2 3800

    I am very much new to overclocking and i would like to overclock my 64 x2 3800. I am not aware how to overclocking done at all. What should be changed in BIOS and what other stuffs do i need to have before i start. I mean to say that what are the Pre-Requisites of overclocking. Please help me in this matter For your information i have given my computer specifications Below :

    Processor : Amd Athlon 64 x2 3800 2.0ghz
    Motherboard : Intel 945
    RAM : 1 GB Kingston
    Graphic Card: Nvidia's GeForce GTS 250

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    Re: Overclock AMD athlon 64 x2 3800

    It is expected by the X2 Athlon64. Whenever you do terms of parallel processing 1CPU 174%, 2CPU 87% of that in terms of performance is very good. The model number is 3800 3200 119 for a single model of the clock one percent. Or there may be little to work on a single core, the show feels like quite modest. Pentium4 HT is the atmosphere of a dual-core Task Manager and see, and I dual-core is still different. In terms of parallel processing 1CPU 129%, 2CPU 64% in terms. Athlon64 X2 is a defeat for you know. I did not cost twice as well and still alone in an amazing parallel processing cores while one is, I guess.

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    Re: Overclock AMD athlon 64 x2 3800

    The overclocking can be started by increasing the fsb, but the attention your ram which is also based on the fsb goes even these frequencies changed. So your bios by increasing your fsb little by little 10 by 10 with various frequencies increased, Before you start your overclocking, put your ram in synchroniser which is 1:1, Your ram is seen having only 800 mhz it will screw 400 of which gives 800 fsb mhz for ram in sync or the ideal operating frequency. Now you can begin overclocking your processor.

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    Re: Overclock AMD athlon 64 x2 3800

    I tried so hard to clock up a bit more likely that the temperature margin. Ntune still did not just start because the phenomenon of 使Ezu CPU fan speed down, so too lazy to cook down and restart repeatedly, dropped from first to HT the FSB to 240MHz X4 raise, 133MHz memory settings down (the clock is 319MHz), CPU checks the operation of 2.4GHz. Super PI, Orthos is no problem I have tested it and so on. The CPU system temperature and stable temperature in degrees.

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    Re: Overclock AMD athlon 64 x2 3800

    Try changing your memory settings back to 166MHz (clock speed 400MHz) ,7-3-3 CL3 2T in memtest86 + check. Because it seems to be no problem shedding hour 1 ,7-3-3 CL2.5 2T check again. memtest86 + will shed about five hours, it will probably come out okay and the error. At full load for 12 hours test. Slightly exceeded, the room temperature is 30 degrees, the system temperature is between 42 degrees under extreme conditions that would finish with 43 CPU while keeping the temperature around 50 degrees. This setting will be used for a while now.

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