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Thread: Over clocking problem in AMD X2 4000

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    Over clocking problem in AMD X2 4000

    Hey friend I want some information about silly problem. I am using AMD ATHLON x2 @ 2.6 GHz processor, RAM 2 GB, has a board ASUS, Ge-force GTx graphic card and Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. But I have problem is that it’s over clocked in some time and after 1 may be 2 hours of load testing it reaches to 55 and sometime 55 degrees Celsius and my computer is gets hot. I am so scared that this problem will give any problem to my system. I don’t even know that this degree is safer for my system. Can this problem could crash my system.? I want to know what is the main problem is there is anybody will suggestion about this.?

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    Re: Over clocking problem in AMD X2 4000

    No you don’t have to worry Bcoz this degree will not affect your system. This processor is well design which allows you to work with multiple programs without waiting for another. This could probably get you to 3 GHZ if you want to do. Dual-care is the processor that has 2 processor’s and allows you to work on two tasks together as you want. This processor will increase your system performance. So be happy while doing work. This will help you out and you will clear out by your problem.
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    Re: Over clocking problem in AMD X2 4000

    ---- You are facing over clock problem as you know but don’t think so much on such small problem. Your processor is built as a way that it features allows you great functionality. It has feature that has best Multi-tasking means improve your system performance, it is able to fetch more power using less strength of power, it has enhanced virus protection technology. After this I thought that your confusion might get finish and you will able work on different programs at a same time.

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    Re: Over clocking problem in AMD X2 4000

    To overcome this problem you can use any external over clock tools which help you out. You can use EVGA precision 2.0.0 program allow you to work fast means is increase performance with Memory clock and real time clock tuning. But your processor is capable to doing this all at time. It force in digital Media, it has cool and quite technology and also has hyper transport technology. This processor is very much suitable to your mother board. I am sure you will solve your problem itself and your system performance might be at balanced.

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    Re: Over clocking problem in AMD X2 4000

    Your computer reach to 55 or 50 degree Celsius this will happen if you doing multiple task at a time, but not get confused that it never harm your system this degree Celsius if OK for this processor. The best thing about this processor is that it feature automatically increase system performance Bcoz of AMD Athlon Processor Architecture Performance feature. It smoothly works on 32 or 64 bit of version system. So don’t bother this processor help you to increase your system performance and work fast when you work on two different programs.

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    Re: Over clocking problem in AMD X2 4000

    In this situation you can refer EVGA Precision program which has software that automatic control fan speed and can define fan speed mapping curve at suitable temperature.This tools work better Bcoz it has fan cooling system and profiling system, it automatically change setting in a GPU system, it has ability to make view of temperature in system tray. We set fan speed at manually or automatically for observing. So to figure out your problem you must use this tool which helps you out from this mess.

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