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Thread: nVidia 9400m overclocking

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    nVidia 9400m overclocking

    I am having MacBook, in which the motherboard has GPU NVIDIA GeForce 9400M G. Hybrid SLI technology allows you to enjoy an hour or more capacity and higher performance of 80%. The GeForce graphics solution is the preferred software developers to design and test their games and applications. So you can sleep on both ears, games and software you buy will work on GeForce! I liked this feature and then thought of purchasing this macbook. I wanted to push my graphics card and so need to overclock it. just installed the driver for change in their performance Nvidia. (I'm in bootcamp on Windows XP). My question is how and how far I can push it? Since, I am new I am expecting that you members will be kind for me by providing some detailed information. I am sure that you members will help me soon.

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    Re: nVidia 9400m overclocking

    Overclocking is not advisable on laptops. Since Windows software you try powerstrip. For how is up to you by regular testing and checking the temperature. OCCT to test the graphics card, Hw Monitor for the temperatures and you can use 3D Mark to grow well if the 9400m. The chipset is of great interest and could show a way out of the misery that people like me who do occasionally venture a quick game to an extra card to plug into the system. Interesting not least for laptops. Apple has correctly recognized that a need for rapid on-board card, however I do not like the implementation. It remains to be seen whether Nvidia can convince the major manufacturers, nationwide use of the chip. Long-term contracts with Intel to make the difficult, high-quality business in the area you get a leg on the ground without Intel, but Apple is one of the locomotives may convince other manufacturers, the chipset can not be so bad.

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    Re: nVidia 9400m overclocking

    Not to mention the fact that Intel was not until "Ibex Peak" North and South Bridge in the same chip, and Apple does with the GF9400M also has a very large package advantage. If you ever see Staring the photos of the MacBook logic board, which also sees that there for another piece of silicon is actually no room left. Of course you can adapt to the bigger package and housing also Logicbard, but if NV here offers a better solution, then you should take that too. The MacBook Pro is actually almost surprised me that GF9400M GF9600M and were not built in a chip ... SOOO a big effort is now being expected, but then that's likely to thermally very little sense. "With the completely new integrated graphics processor, which brings in half the size of the 5-times the performance, the new MacBook set new standards - so new that we can certainly speak of a revolution in the notebook".

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    Re: nVidia 9400m overclocking

    Under the symbol of the Nvidia GeForce 9000M series offered far more to the graphics card notebook counterparts in the desktop spin. Sun acted the GeForce 9800 GTX in the desktop segment, while obstruct the manufacturer (usually stripped) Notebook variants in mobile devices could. With the newly released GeForce 9400M is now, however, so something else. Because this is not a pure video card, but as with the GeForce 9300 chipset for desktop computers ( computer-base-test ) for a complete motherboard chip, including integrated graphics processor (IGP). The GeForce 9400 should state the desktop offshoots of the GeForce 9300 and GeForce correspond to 9400, however, be trimmed to an even lower power consumption.

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    Re: nVidia 9400m overclocking

    The equipment of the GeForce 9400M is equivalent to the desktop versions. Depending on the choice you can either DDR2 or DDR3 memory block. Twelve USB 2.0, six SATA-II, and a Gigabit Ethernet controller can control the chip. The IGP has 16 scalar shader units and will bring up 54 GLOP / s on the scale. More Details Nvidia has not announced yet, but we will strongly believe that they reflect those of the GeForce 9300 and / or the GeForce 9400-cutting. By specifying the peak ALU throughput rate can also calculate the shader clock: This should be approximately 1,150 MHz, slightly lower than the value of the GeForce 9300.

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    Re: nVidia 9400m overclocking

    I suggest you download the admirable Fan Controller from Lubbo, and you can download from and which is far better to the default fan settings. My GPU temperatures never go beyond 80° C with this utility. Of course, overclocking is not recommended and you want to be conscious of the dangers involved, including infringement of your warranty. But according to my knowledge has been that so long as temperatures are under control then go for it!! I haven't found a way to overclock in Mac OS X, but since I utilize the Boot Camp partition for gaming and desire the most out of the GPU this hasn't been an concern for me.

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