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Thread: Overclocking I7 920 W/ Rampage II GENE, Custom Build

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    Overclocking I7 920 W/ Rampage II GENE, Custom Build

    I am a beginner in overclocking, and since the computer I bought, I told myself why not overclock my CPU has to do both. But the thing is I had tried the same with a simple overclocking tool which made my system unstable. I had just upgraded my motherboard to Rampage II GENE. So does there is any issue with the cpu support and motherboard compatibility.

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    Re: Overclocking I7 920 W/ Rampage II GENE, Custom Build

    Core i7 920 is specially designed for overclocking. You can find the source a comprehensive guide on internet that will help you better know your processor and push its limits. I had seen the benchmarks and consumption. It holds mostly it is quite easy to reach the 3.5 GHz and the 920 at that speed is very fast. It is usually possible to achieve 4.0 GHz with a good cooling system Air Cooling, but for the 4.2 GHz mark must be invested in a watercooling system.

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    Re: Overclocking I7 920 W/ Rampage II GENE, Custom Build

    You can use Rivatuner for that. I had found that Core i7 to 4.5 GHz with air cooling is nothing but a fake call. A Core i7 can be supplied to around 3.6 GHz with a good air cooler, there is around 1.25 V to 1.3 V are necessary, depending on stepping. So here you need a good ventilation on your system. Otherwise extreme overclocking will burn your processor.

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    Re: Overclocking I7 920 W/ Rampage II GENE, Custom Build

    I had tested i7 in my system where it lies stable at 4 GHz, around 1.35 V to 1.4 V which is to create without water barely. At 1.4 V with water cooling, I had been gone to 70 ° on all 8 threads. I had tested the same many times works best. The issue is that the tool which you might be using for overclocking might not be stable. Try Rivatuner for that and check back again.

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    Re: Overclocking I7 920 W/ Rampage II GENE, Custom Build

    I have a system with liquid cooling support and Core i7 920 processor. I had overclocked it and it is quiet easy also. In my case the temperature has gone a bit high. About 80 degree celcius to 90 degree celcuis. But the overclocking procedure looks stable. After that when I again overclocked my screen goes black and system reboots denoting overclocking failed. This has happened multiple time.

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    Re: Overclocking I7 920 W/ Rampage II GENE, Custom Build

    So since I have a very similar setup, I had overclock my CPU to 3.6 GHz. 4GHz is also available with liquid cooling support. This does not works better if the ventilation is not proper. Overclocking is basically the simplest thing there is - as long as you let the Mobo do everything. Manual is the i7 somewhat stubborn. Easy to make and then DOCP Bios on BCLK frequency to 180 (for 3.6 GHz). The rest is set by car. If not then start the DRAM Frequency runterstellen to 1333 (so if your RAM 1333 RAM, or higher). Then it should work.

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