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Thread: ATI HD 5870 overclocking

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    ATI HD 5870 overclocking

    i am here for some help regarding ATI Radeon HD5870. well this card is really awesome but i want to know that is there any good result that i can get for overclocking with it ??? does any one tried overclocking with it ???

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    Re: ATI HD 5870 overclocking

    For overclocking the card I use ATI Catalyst Control Center, After Burner and MSI FurMark. so for you i also suggest to go with same application .That the standard HD5870 is not a PC booted, became quickly clear. Increasing the GPU clock from 850MHz to 905MHz frequency goes well.

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    Re: ATI HD 5870 overclocking

    I was screwing up the voltage with MSI Afterburner. I increased the voltage from 1.165 V to 1.25 V. This had the card back in effect. The temperature went up this high on 85 degrees. Hence I decided to put 70 percent on cooling for thermal error exclude.
    Subsequently, the card back in effect and in no time at 940MHz was achieved. At that moment I saw my 350Watt power meter stand. The system is idle 110Watt. Pull here 27 watts of idle use of the card. Basically the card at a stress of 250 watt power supply you ask if this number is overclocked, I personally still better than expected. An average cooler can spit out 150 watts per PEG6 connector, so there is still some space. Come on you 390 watts with the card, PCI-e also provides 90 watts, you will need to purchase a better cooler.

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    Re: ATI HD 5870 overclocking

    945MHz GPU found in the Cypress need to improve cooling and increase voltage to no avail. With an overclock of 945MHz for the GPU can stay live, although it remains strange that there 950MHz artifacts appear and the map will show errors. With cooling, voltages and power it was just fine. That left open, the memory overclocking the HD5870 has little meaning. i look at a clock of 70MHz on a performance of 1 FPS FurMark. We increase the memory to 1285MHz, i lose 3 FPS. And that is precisely not the intention of overclocking.

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    Re: ATI HD 5870 overclocking

    If cooling is quite well then you will never face any problem , I have the card that never reached above 85 degrees Celsius so see is is still relatively clean without any problem. I put the fanspeed manually at 100 percent, still stabbing the GPU temperature at 68 degrees.

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    Re: ATI HD 5870 overclocking

    That is not the end because the card itself is quite fast, but AMD has claimed that speeds up to 1000MHz for the GPU as possible, after many days overclocking i am unfortunately unable to achieve this. What ever you can overclock to 1380MHz by the graphics card cooling with Liquid Nitrogen.

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