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Thread: Core voltage Core i7 overclocking

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    Core voltage Core i7 overclocking

    am looking to overclock intel Core i7 i wanted to know safe vcore voltage range that i can use for overclocking Core i7 also Memory Overclocking for Core i7 so please if any one knows reply me
    thank you

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    Re: Core voltage Core i7 overclocking

    too many vCore 3.6GHz for example on my second pc:
    p6t deluxe / 920 /

    I like this tune:

    CPU Voltage: 1.28
    CPU PLL Voltage: 1.86
    QPI / DRAM Core Voltage: 1.30
    IOH Voltage: 1.18
    IOH PCIE Voltage: 1.50
    ICH Voltage: 1.10
    ICH PCIE Voltage: 1.50
    DRAM Bus Voltage: 1.64v

    19 coef
    blck: 200
    ulck: 3200
    QPI link data: 7208
    dram frequency: 1603
    Timming: 8/8/8/24 1T

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    Re: Core voltage Core i7 overclocking

    For the DDR is normal you sync with your CPU. And as the memory controller is integrated into the CPU the latter order. At the core i7 is a 133MHz bus at the base I think: 133 * 4 = 533 => your RAM is sync. It is useless to try to run the faster you gain nothing there. This RAM is just useful in case of overclocking For the Core i7: it has a mechanism which varies the vCore according to load and use of hearts => does not, it works fine.

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    Re: Core voltage Core i7 overclocking

    parameters x58 motherboards that support Core i7:


    First, the Dram Voltage = (according to Intel specifications 1.65v) The RAM is managed directly by the integrated controller on the CPU and is not recommended beyond this value may severely damage the CPU

    CPU PLL Voltage = 1.8v if left on auto
    Every motherboard is different ... this value can be increased to address the lack of voltage, for everyday use but not go over it all depends on your use ...

    Cpu Ratio Setting = 20
    for the core i7 920, the maximum multiplier available is 20 (you can unlock the cmq 21X multiplier enable Intel Turbo Mode CPU settings screen)

    Dram Frequency = Set the frequency depending on the circumstances and specifications.

    Uncore Frequency = Frequency vĂ* Uncore the set twice to Dram Frequency. not to stress the integrated controller and thus ensure greater stability

    QPI / DRAM Core Voltage = 1.25v max 1.35 this voltage affects the relationship QPI / DRAM

    I try to get you down ... from a pack daily
    3.4 Ghz for a start I seem to suff ...

    AI Overclock Tuner - Manual

    BCLK Frequency - 170
    DRAM Frequency - 1.363 MHz
    CPU Ratio Setting - 20
    CPU Voltage - 1.2v to start test ... even lower voltages to find the right one the only thing to do is try ... every cpu is different

    CPU PLL Voltage - set to 1.8V drive delivers 1.80 cmq I manually set xchè nn I mistrust on asus car

    QPI / DRAM Voltage - 1.2 / 1.25V
    DRAM Voltage - 1.66V

    UCLK Frequency: The minimum is Uncore Ram 2x Frequency
    QPI Freqency: leaves lower

    CPU Differential Amplitude - 700/800mV

    Intel Turbo Mode - Disable
    C1E Support [Disable]
    Intel (R) Virtualization Tech [Disable]
    CPU TM Function [Disable]
    A20M [Disable]
    Intel (R) C-State Tech [Disable]

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