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Thread: Overclocking PNY Nvidia 9600GT

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    Overclocking PNY Nvidia 9600GT

    i have never Over clock GPU before but now i am looking to overclock Nvidia 9600GT i have tried with rivatuner but dont understand the clock ratings so im unable to do.So i need help with how to overclock my GPU please can some one help me ?also tell me is that default overclocked to what value ?
    thank you.

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    Re: Overclocking PNY Nvidia 9600GT

    • Graphics Processor : NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
    • Clock Speed : 700 MHz
    • Video Memory Installed : 512 MB
    • Technology : GDDR3 SDRAM 512-bit
    • Speed memory clock : 1.9 GHz
    • Features : Nvidia SLI Multi-GPU Technology, Nvidia Quantum Effects Technology, Nvidia Pure Video HD technology

    so you can overclock it to around 10 to 20 % form default.set your fan speed to 100% then try with rivatuner to overclock.the overclocked range out performs the standard reference design boards with a core clock speed of 700MHz and 1.9GHz memory, giving the user a better price / performance ratio.The GT9600 GT OC has been designed to offer higher speeds and give the ultimate performance to hardcore gamers.

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    Re: Overclocking PNY Nvidia 9600GT

    I think this is a great card to gaming. The price is somewhat on the high side, but then you really value for money. The FPS drops in some games, but usually that's because you for playing that game another game .the 9800 GT not the latest and fastest graphics card, the card still some pit in it

    I have this graphic card on the performance tester gamers 3DMark06 tested. Here are the resultt.3DMark Score: 10137 3dmark ,OS: Microsoft Windows XP
    SM 2.0 Score: 4682
    SM 3.0 Score: 4741
    Memory: 2084 MB

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    Re: Overclocking PNY Nvidia 9600GT

    the average of 9600 GT GPU = 700 MHz and 950 Ram. You have certainly a chip in the middle with a ram above specifications here which certainly gives the freezes with a little more Put a little more voltage is expected to gain in stability, attention to heat anyway.

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    Re: Overclocking PNY Nvidia 9600GT

    do not know if PNY sorts its chips on the job XFX, but mine (original, not overclocked factory) to hold the pad 740 (GPU) / 1850 (shaders) / 1000 (GDDR) and for temperatures 42 ° idle and 57 ° in full after 5h of crisis

    So what I'll advice is to watch what is done for 9600GT in general on the internet, then simply for PNY but to my knowledge, you should be able to mount much higher for EM without touching voltage. For shaders: I know that the coefficient shader / GPU is 2.5 and I think you should be able to gain against the damage, if freezes in general it just limits the ram to the tensions of origin, or simply that your card too hot

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