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Thread: Corsair 550W vs SEASONIC 650W

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    Corsair 550W vs SEASONIC 650W

    Hello , I Would Like to buy a power supply. Current my system Configuration is these it has Intel core 2 dou e7400, Asus P5n73-am motherboard , 500 Gb Hardrive , and a dvd writer combo , As of Now i am noy using any graphics card but Will Definately used in the Future . Also my System has firewire controller and Am Thinkin a Purchasing capture card and sound card soundblaster audigy ... I am confused between the Corsair 550W and SEASONIC 650 if you have Any other Psu in mind Then You Suggestions are welcom Thanks in advance

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    Re: Corsair 550W vs SEASONIC 650W

    Hello , Corsair is rated as higher quality because they pay Seasonic to take a 650 watt PSU, put higher quality components in it and call it a 620 watt PSU.hey are better quality on average than their Seasonic counterparts but mostly the difference is marketing.

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    Re: Corsair 550W vs SEASONIC 650W

    hello , The Corsair series is quieter As it Support the 60mm fan. alternatively They also come with a 5yr. warranty. You Can go With Corsair. as They're both Seasonic built... you might as well get Corsair's warranty while you're at it

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    Re: Corsair 550W vs SEASONIC 650W

    Hello , I have learned that the Seasonic makes some of that corsair Power supply and So You Can preferably select seasonic or corsair which is cheaper ,

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