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Thread: Coolermaster CM Sphere - How good is this cooler

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    Coolermaster CM Sphere - How good is this cooler

    I am going to buy a cooler for my Q6600. My cabinet is kept opened from the side of the processor, so I would want to buy a cooler that will have a better air flow.

    I came across this cooler from coolermaster and I liked it,

    CM Sphere

    Do you think this cooler is good? Are there any other better alternatives?

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    Re: Coolermaster CM Sphere - How good is this cooler

    The Sphere is an all-copper, quad heatpipe and fin CPU cooler shaped like, you guessed it, a ball. It comes with a single-speed radial fan built in, instead of the typical axial fan you find on most CPU coolers. The radial output of the fan helps to cool other components in the immediate vicinity of the CPU socket. This combination of round-shaped fins and radial output fan put the sphere into a fairly unique class of cooler?

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    Re: Coolermaster CM Sphere - How good is this cooler

    CoolerMaster CM Sphere

    Features & Specifications
    • Heat Sink Dimensions - 132 x 113 mm
    • Heat Sink Material - 100% copper with 4 heatpipes
    • Fan Dimension (W / H / D) - 66 x 68 mm
    • Fan Speed- 2200 R.P.M.
    • Fan Life Expectancy - 40,000 hours
    • Bearing Type - Long life sleeve
    • Fan Noise Level (dB-A) - 22 dB-A
    • Connector - 3-pin
    • Weight - 684.54 g

    Universal design
    • Intel Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Duo and AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core, AMD Athlon 64 FX

    Complete Cooling Solution
    • Cools CPU and its surrounding components (motherboard, VRM, chipset and graphic card, etc.)

    Superior cooling performance
    • 4 heat pipes
    • 100% copper structure
    • Superior vortex fan
    • Radial Copper Base

    Silent Operation at only 22 dBA

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    Re: Coolermaster CM Sphere - How good is this cooler

    These coolers are not for avant-garde overclockers, nor were they designed with the overclocker in mind. I have read a few reviews on line where this product gets kicked in the proverbial nut sack for being crappy for overclocking, but why? It's not even made for that environment. The CM Sphere works much better that the stock Intel retail box heatsink, which works just fine for standard usage and also is not geared for overclocking.

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    Re: Coolermaster CM Sphere - How good is this cooler

    Yea...CM Sphere is a nice CPU cooler with attractive looks. It’s 100% manufactured from copper, which has better thermal characteristics than aluminum, a material often used for coolers due to its lower price. This is how it is mounted,

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