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Thread: Guidelines for Overclocking CPU

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    Guidelines for Overclocking CPU

    Does anyone provide me some guidelines how to overclock a CPU,what all measures should i consider before doing an overclocking irrespective to what CPU we are overclocking,I need to have an step by step overclocking procedure for simple CPU specification.

    I know this is very simple question but this does matter for newbie who might be thinking of overclocking.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: guidelines for Overclocking CPU

    1. Get whatever tools you need: screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, motherboard manual, cooling hardware, etc.
    2. Find out whether your motherboard can be adjusted in the BIOS setup, with jumpers or not at all.
    3. Find out clock-speed limitations of the motherboard.
    4. Run all Windows and any third-party diagnostic applications you have. Fix all system problems.
    5. Make a complete backup of your system, documents and applications you don't have on CD-ROM. Do not overwrite these copies.
    6. If you have a BIOS-adjustable motherboard, make changes according to your motherboard manual, and skip to Step 15.
    7. Shut down computer.
    8. Leave computer plugged in to surge suppressor.
    9. Disconnect all peripherals from computer.
    10. Remove cover of chassis.
    11. Ground yourself to computer with any professional grounding equipment you have. Otherwise, ground yourself by touching a metal part of the chassis.
    12. If your motherboard has adjustable jumpers, locate the jumpers that control the CPU speed.
    13. Use needle-nose pliers to change jumper settings. Move jumpers to positions indicated in your motherboard manual for the clock speed you want. Check the Internet for recommendations.
    14. Install a CPU heat sink, heat-sink compound, and a specialty cooling fan, if appropriate and possible.
    15. Put system back together, and reboot.
    16. If computer does not boot, and CPU still works, try lowering the clock speed. If that doesn't work, restore the original configuration.
    17. Check all functions, and run a CPU-intensive program.

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    Re: guidelines for Overclocking CPU

    Overclocking is the process making a computer component run at a higher speed than that specified by the manufacturer. The CPU is one of the components of the system that is commonly overclocked. The CPU clock speed is the product of the FSB (Front Side Bus) speed and the CPU's multiplier (sometimes called the clock ratio).

    Thus the CPU clock speed may be increased by increasing either one or both of these factors. However it is interesting to note that increasing the FSB speed will a greater impact as it increases factors such as memory speed (for synchronous operation) as well as the processor speed. The CPU multiplier is also comparatively difficult to adjust.

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    smile Re: Guidelines for Overclocking CPU

    Overclockers will want to lynch me for this, but just passing on something I read in an exceptionally excellent IT magazine: unless you know exactly what you are doing, and what impact longevity-wise overclocking will have on the electronic componentry (and hence potential longevity) of your computer, then think twice before attempting it. And then think twice again!

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    Re: Guidelines for Overclocking CPU

    Overclocking is the process of making a computer component run at a speed exceeding the mere by the manufacturer. The CPU is a component of the method usually overclocked. The CPU timer as the production of motion FSB and CPU multiplier.

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