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Thread: 120mm fan for Xbox 360

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    120mm fan for Xbox 360

    I have built a new system and then the xbox to be trapped in a case and then need extra cooling. Have thought to run with the 120mm fan. I want a fan with good blowing and noise less than xbox itself.

    What do you recommend?

    Will be placed at about 3m away from the case.

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    Re: 120mm fan for Xbox 360

    Depends on how much skinning you want too. Nexus does quiet fans, but there are fans that move more air, however, but makes noise a bit more. Believe, however, your 360 sounds more than some of the fans I linked, in any case, Nexus. I also know Scythe but is not a good brand.
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    Re: 120mm fan for Xbox 360

    This is the casing where the xbox will be placed. Where should I put the fans for optimal cooling?

    Was going to take 2 x 120mm air blowing out from the cabinet.

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    Re: 120mm fan for Xbox 360

    Optimum would be to have them in the ceiling where the heat rises.

    Do not know how much an Xbox makes noise but nexus fans give just not concede any sound at all. Then, there is much more powerful fans, however, that sounds a bit more. Do not you hear the fans much / at all, then they place on the back of a casing and they'll probably sit a few meters away. So you can probably get right strong cooling as you want.

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    Re: 120mm fan for Xbox 360

    The simplest method is enough to fix a molex connector (for now the fans are running through that kind) and plug in where to join the cables and then solder them down in the sticks. Then connect the fans in the molex connector. Should go to do so anyway, if you understand what I mean.

    Outlet - Adapter - Molex - fans

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