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Thread: Video card folding stats

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    Video card folding stats

    What is meant by Video card folding? I have recently read many times this word on many sites... particularly on overclocking forums. Is it same as overclocking of video card, or some kind of special overclocking for video cards or is it something very different?

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    Re: Video card folding stats

    One thing most people don’t know is that in the GPU there are actually two modes. The most obvious mode is called the graphics mode which will allow you to run you graphical application and games. The mode that most people don’t know about is called the compute mode, so that you can run applications outside of gaming. This mode allows you to use your GPUs processing power to not only display amazing graphics, but to also use to compute various other things. The two main applications that can use this computing power are Folding@Home and RapidHD Video Transcoding.

    Folding@home is a distributed computing project designed to perform computationally intensive simulations of protein folding and other molecular dynamics. Using your own personal computer, you can help by using your computers computational power to help scientists understand protein folding, misfolding, and related diseases.

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    Re: Video card folding stats

    Folding@home is based upon the science of Molecular Dynamics where molecular chemistry and mathematics combine mathematically in computers to predict how protein molecules (which can't be directly observed by humans) fold in 3-dimensions of space over time.

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