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Thread: Overclocking Tools for Linux

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    Overclocking Tools for Linux

    Hello , I Use windows and linux in Dual boot , while Using both the opearing system i found linux to be more better than windows and planning to complety migrate to linux , but there is something for which i would like clarify my doubt So can you tell me that overclocking tools like ATITOOL, Systool and Rivatuner work on Linux or not ? if not do i have an alternative for them
    Thanks in Advance for your Replies

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    Re: Overclocking Tools for Linux

    Hello , In Ubuntu You Can TRy sudo apt-get install xbench That will give you a comprehensive tool for overall graphics/and rendering performance.There are some simple scripts floating around the forums for maxing out the CPU's.Don't know about tools to mess with the BIOS settings.

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    Re: Overclocking Tools for Linux

    Hello , You Can Check NVClock is a small utility that allows users to overclock NVIDIA based video cards running on the Linux platform. The original code used in building this application was borrowed from the nvcs application. That code has been extensively reworked in order to make the utility much more user friendly and to make it play nice with current distros and drivers.and alternatively You Can Use your BIOS to overclock. It provides ALOT more stability . Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Overclocking Tools for Linux

    Hello , Well normally you would overclock the CPU through your bios regardless of the OS you're using. If you're talking GPUs then I know that if you have an Ati Radeon Card then you might want to Check this rovclock

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