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Thread: Can graphic cards be overclocked ?

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    Can graphic cards be overclocked ?


    Well, whenever I play games, the system slows down and I face lag while playing games... First I thought it would be a processor issue but every other application works fine... So I think it would be probably something wrong with graphic-card...My question is , is it possible to overclock graphic card ?
    How can I do that ?..... Kindly give some necessary solns


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    Re: Can graphic cards be overclocked ?

    All modern graphics cards have a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) chip which performs graphics calculations, and memory which the GPU uses to perform these calculations. Each of these has a default clockspeed determined by the manufacturer. The performance of a graphics card can be boosted by increasing the clockspeeds beyond the manufacturer's default settings.
    This is what we call overclocking.

    You need to understand two terms before proceeding further,

    Core clock - The core clock is the clockspeed at which your GPU (also known as graphics chip) operates. It is measured in MHz, just like a CPU.

    Memory clock - The memory clock is the clockspeed at which your graphics card's memory operates. It is also measured in MHz. All modern graphics cards use DDR (double data rate) memory

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    Re: Can graphic cards be overclocked ?

    Use Overclocking Software - RivaTuner v2.0

    Using RivaTuner for overclocking:

    1. At the main screen, click on the little arrow to the right of the word "Customize...". A little menu with 6 icons in a row will pop up.
    2. Click on the 1st icon which is labeled "Low-level system settings". A new screen will pop up like in the picture below. Note that the default clock settings on your graphics card may differ from mine as I am using an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro.
    3. Click on the checkbox at the top that is labeled "Enable low-level hardware overclocking".
    4. A message will pop up asking if you want to detect the clock frequencies now or reboot before detecting. I recommend that you select the reboot option.
    5. After rebooting, run RivaTuner again. Notice that you can now move the Core clock and Memory clock sliders. Wait! do not move them just yet! On next page where I will show you what to do.
    6. Make sure that the "Apply overclocking at Windows startup" box is UNTICKED! You will only want to tick this AFTER you have found the maximum stable overclock!

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    Re: Can graphic cards be overclocked ?

    Yes, its possible to overclock graphic cards.

    However, Overclocking CPU is the most common form of overclocking which happens frequently. Overclocking a GPU is a less common process than overclocking a CPU, and also, it’s more complex.
    One of the reasons for that is that a graphics card’s BIOS is not as easily accessible as a motherboard’s.

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