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Thread: Heatsink for Phenom 9850BE

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    Heatsink for Phenom 9850BE

    I bought a few months ago the Phenom 9850BE and was surely ill-advised, is what is the truth. Right now it is going to low down at 41 and 42 degrees because it is the proper time, not even overclocked and the heat gets on. I want to change the cooler for something more effective.

    You recommend the fan to the box perpendicular or parallel to the motherboard?

    Condition, must fit into one Sharkoon Rebel 9 Value which has a 25 cm for getting air from the side.

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    Re: Heatsink for Phenom 9850BE

    Noctua NH-C12P, I was in your same situation and this was the only one which convinced me to be able to overclock if you did not want to remove the side fan. Still I recommend doing one thing, you check what temperatures with and without the side fan running, you can pass to me and the difference would be minimal and then remove it and put a decent tower type that dissipates as the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 or the Thermalright 120.

    However, the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64Pro will also fit in the box, but I do not know how it will behave with the quad, although they are 15 or 20 euros and the loss would not be too good if not paid.

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    Re: Heatsink for Phenom 9850BE

    I think that being kind of the tower and I'd air the fan side, stopping EU may have something and that's why it's highest, which are parallel to the plate receiving air directly from outside and the front and rear would be getting air, so I think that the latter would be more efficient.

    See if someone enlightens me.

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