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Thread: Is TMG I2 a good CPU Cooler

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    Is TMG I2 a good CPU Cooler

    hi there........
    just wanted to know whether TMG I2 is a good CPU cooling solution or not?
    please provide few views regarding the performance and some market originated reviews so that i can make some decisions regarding this product............
    your views will be appreciated............

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    Re: Is TMG I2 a good CPU Cooler

    Thermaltake launched their new product series of TMG cooler, which are functioning and are known for their silence performance ability, also give code name as Thermal Maximum Grade. The new TMG line of coolers cover CPU cooling, but also includes cooling for sections such as GPU, as the Thermaltake TMG ND2 GPU Cooler are recently launched, and also a couple of new VGA waterblocks and PCI slot fans are been released as it's competitors. The new TMG A2 and TMG I2 CPU cooler is made specially for easy installation on most AMD sockets, and the TMG I2 which is very similar, just that the I2 is meant for Intel sockets.

    Specifications of the coolers is clearly printed on one side of the box. On the other hand, the I2 would fit on all LGA775 platforms. It is reported by Thermaltake is a cooler itself weighing about 370g. Weight is not concerned to worry for sure. A few other basic specifications like fan dimension, heatsink dimension, thickness of heatpipes and the numbers of it are also listed. But what I found most printed specially of the TMG coolers line. The Anti-Vibration Design is given an effective importance so that user notice it easily. It is clearly printed out at the box Thermaltake designed the cooler in a way that minimum fan vibration are observed for functioning of your CPU in a very safe way. It also contributes to some sound reduction applied properly.

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    Re: Is TMG I2 a good CPU Cooler

    Technical Compatibilities:


    • Intel Core 2 Extreme with Socket LGA 775
    • Intel Core 2 Duo with Socket LGA 775
    • Intel Pentium D with Socket LGA 775
    • Intel Pentium 4 with Socket LGA 775
    • Intel Celeron D with Socket LGA 775

    General Features:

    Dimensions: 115 x 102 x 103

    Heat Sink Material: Copper base/ Aluminium Frame

    Heat Pipe: 6mm x 4

    Fan Dimensions: 92 X 92 X 32

    Rated Voltage: 12 V

    Fan Speed: 300 - 2500 RPM (PWM)

    Max Air Flow: 35 : 14 CFM

    Noise Level: 16 db

    Life Expectation: 50,000 hours

    Connector: 4 Pin PWM function

    Weight: 385 g

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    Re: Is TMG I2 a good CPU Cooler

    I2 are definitely quite some performer for their price. Though the design is quite normal looking and pretty common, Thermaltake managed to round out its new TMG series of products, advertising them as they should work, and it definitely is so for the TMG A2 and I2. Packed in solid packagings, come with a few case badges, silent and good enough to cool down processors decently thrown in some overclocks and quite some voltage, not to mention it is actually very easy to be installed, Thermaltake had once again hit the market with some good products. Rated to be priced around 33USD to 38USD over some international online sales site, the TMG A2 and I2 is certainly something worth putting attention on for enthusiasts.

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    Re: Is TMG I2 a good CPU Cooler

    Product Features and Technical Details:

    Product Features :

    1. Weight : 1.05
    2. Technical Details
    3. Fan Type: CPU Fan
    4. Socket Type: 775
    5. Fan Speed: 2500 RPM
    6. Noise Level: 16 dBA
    7. Air Flow: 35.43 CFM
    8. Heatsink Material: Copper Core
    9. Heatsink Material: Aluminum Fins
    10. Bearing Type: Enter Bearing
    11. Voltage: 12 V
    12. Fan Speed Control: PWM Control
    13. Connector(s): 4-Pin
    14. Fan Dimensions: 92 x 92 x 32 mm
    15. Heatsink Dimensions: 115 x 102 x 103mm

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