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Thread: Overclock E6420 Processor

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    Overclock E6420 Processor

    hi there...
    can anyone help me in finding the appropriate ways of Overclocking Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 processor.?
    if somebody can explain some specific ways and measurement at which it is to be overclocked...
    your views will be appreciated

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    Re: Overclock E6420 Processor

    Core 2 Duo E6420 CPU is to be overclocked very carefully. This processor is extremely efficient for its 8x multiplier that makes it almost selective for overclocking. With the help of this multiplier you can overclock it practically to its maximum level in most of the motherboards, as there is no need to push the FSB beyond 500MHz in this case.

    Try to find out on what frequency Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 supports without any Voltage core adjustment. It requires nominal Vcore of 1.325V, which is the maximum setting you can do as per specifications.

    In this case of maximum FSB frequency when the CPU turns to stable state which is same as 370MHz. The CPU can run stable at 2.96GHz without increasing Vcore, which is a 40% increase above the normal speed.

    You can also perform CPU working at 1.6V Vcore. Core 2 Duo processors are known to be very decent processor voltage increase, which leads to significant improvement of their overclocking potential. Try to push the FSB frequency upto 465MHz.

    The overclocked CPU will work stable at 3.72GHz, which is 75% higher than the normal. It is very good and impressive result, which makes Core 2 Duo E6420 a majority choice for overclockers.

    Final review is that Core 2 Duo E6420 processors can overclock as good as on any above provided extreme conditions. The Core 2 Duo E6420 is the youngest CPUs on Core micro-architecture which is acquiring fully-fledged Conroe core.

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    Re: Overclock E6420 Processor

    I recently managed to overclock the processor e6420 at 3.4 ghz.

    It is working fine, and on top of that i downloaded an asus tool software that provides details of various temperatures that get's generated during this overclock procedure.

    Various temperature at various levels are:

    For CPU: 35 celcius

    For Motherboard: 28 celcius

    Having a look at this temperature readings, it is working fine, But when i try to increase the speed of the memory, an error get's generated with a warning alert message under bios section.

    Currently the speed of the memory is 800.

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    Re: Overclock E6420 Processor

    I have overclocked an e6420 which was running at a 25% and thus Overclocked at 333MHz FSB with a RAM DDR2 of speed 667. by the various readings, I came up with a conclusion that it is much cheaper in price, best in performance in it's class. I am impressed with the overclocking results of my processor so far. It is rock-solid, as it's being used for real work; the Overclocking works great with no voltage boost needed for the CPU, and temps with the stock cooler only get into the low 50 degree celcius under load condition.

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