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Thread: Increase Performance for your PC

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    Increase Performance for your PC

    hi there,
    Generally when we buy Machines (PC); We try to get the higher versions of those available; but the problem faced by most of us is after 2-3 years.
    you find a difference in working of your machine ......
    that' right your Pc works a bit slow or more slower as compared to what you purchased earlier......
    so my question to all is how i can increase the performance of my Pc and make it powerful and efficient as it was when i purchased it?
    your reply will be appreciated.......

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    Re: Increase Performance for your PC

    These are the general steps that i beleive cab nake ur old pc as similar to the new one:
    1. Check what apllication you are running:

    Sometimes apllication slows down your Pc because you have too many programs open at the same time. Closing those programs that you are not using will immediately boost performance.

    2. Figure out Windows Processing:

    By pressing CTRL+AL+DEL you will have Tasks Manager which lists all the processes that you are actually running.

    CAUTION: You CANNOT kill the processes like exe, sys etc as they are your system processes. KILLING THE may affect your Pc DEADLY

    3. Install a System Cleaner:

    Basic reason for slow down of a system is viruses and/or spyware. Sometimes even spyware residuals that have escaped your anti-spyware products can trouble your pc for months.

    4. Try using Disk Clean-ups:
    Defragging and disc repairs are also extremely important. Defragging is the process of locating and consolidating your files and folders sitting on your hard drives. Regular defrags and disk repairs will keep your computer running at optimum levels.

    5. Use Temporary File Management:
    Cleansing your temporary files including your Internet history including cookies gives you a larger amount of hard disk space to work with. This, in turn, gives more space for Windows virtual files.

    6. Start-up Management:
    Keep a track on start up of your PC just check how long it takes to boot and let you start using your applications. Start-up times should be too longer.

    7. Downloading Application:
    Pay attention to whatever they tell you about security, you just can't resist downloading and trying out new products and utilities.

    8. Try Performance Optimizers:

    Finally, you may want to consider a Performance Optimizer.

    Even the more experienced users cannot manage to fully control and monitor all that is happening within their system without a small toolkit of software utilities that generally includes a performance optimizer.

    These utilities usually don't cost more than $25 to $30 and give you much more value than investing in RAM simply because they seek and solve slowdown problems rather than mask it.

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    Re: Increase Performance for your PC

    I always believed that actually performance increases without investing several a single penny into your system. You don’t really have to spend a fortune on new multi-core processors, gigabytes of RAM and other hardware that improves so often that you just can’t keep with the pace. A big surprise, but there is a way to supercharge your PC without upgrading it. The name of the tool you need is ProcTune 6.0.

    ProcTune is a unique application intended for low-level real-time optimization of processes running in your operating system and increasing the overall speed and responsibility of your computer. Functioning on the kernel level, the software dynamically adjusts the priorities or running processes and optimizes memory allocation, which results in a significant increase of performance.
    ProcTune 6.0 will be a great addition in your software collection. It really works and it will show you what your system is capable of — whether how back it was purchased.

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    Re: Increase Performance for your PC

    Upgrading RAM Is very much required because one of the most best ways of improving your computer’s performance also happens to be one simplest methods. The RAM, or Random Access Memory,in your computer is running slowly or you intend to do a lot of graphics intensive work then upgrading your RAM may be a good idea.

    Common RAM Standards:

    • SIMM – Single In-Line Memory Module
    • DIMM – Dual In-Line Memory Module
    • RIMM – Rambus In-Line Memory Module
    • SODIMM – Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module

    Common RAM Types:

    • SRAM
    • RDRAM

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    Re: Increase Performance for your PC

    I was having the same problem earlier ...
    then someone recommended that i should by this book
    PC Performance Tuning & Upgrading Tips & Techniques (Paperback)

    This book gives you a fine-tune modem operations, load programs faster, increase CPU performance, maximize bus bandwidth, speed printer operations, or improve disk and file access, you'll perform PC operations faster using the step-by-step instructions found inside this book.

    Focusing on upgrades that improve system performance and increase flexibility, this unique, information-packed resource shows you how to upgrade and tune your PC with expert precision.

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