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Thread: Overclocking Nvidia 8800 GTS

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    Overclocking Nvidia 8800 GTS

    Hi all,
    I'm doing first time overclocking of my Nvidia 8800 GTS. Please any body recommend me any good program to overclock my Nvidia 8800 GTS?

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    RivaTuner 2.2


    In addition to complete NVIDIA hardware support, RivaTuner also provides limited support for display adapters based upon ATI RADEON 8500 and newer ATI graphics processors. All RivaTuner's features besides driver-level tuning options are also available on supported ATI hardware.

    System requirements:

    • Windows 98 (updated MFC libraries required), Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server x32, Windows XP x32, Windows XP x64 edition, Vista x32 or Vista x64 (disabled driver signature checking required).

      Note: Windows 9x/ME is no longer officially supported since version RC15. It doesn't mean that RivaTuner will not work under Windows 9x/ME, but it does mean that RivaTuner is no longer tested for compatibility issues under these OS.

    • Any desktop display adapter based on NVIDIA NV4, NV5, NV10, NV11, NV15, NV17, NV18, NV20, NV25, NV28, NV30, NV31, NV34, NV35, NV36, NV38, NV40, NV41, NV44, NV44A, NV48, G70, G71, G72, G73, G80, G84, G86 or G92 GPU or ATI R200, RV250, RV280, R300, RV350, R350, RV360, R360, RV370, RV380, R420, RV410, R423, R430, R480, RV515, R520, RV530, RV560, RV570, R580, R580+, R600, RV610, RV630 or RV670 VPU based display adapter.

    RivaTuner doesn't declare official support for mobile graphics processors and multi-GPU SLI and Crossfire configurations. Proper functionality on such systems is not guaranteed, use RivaTuner at your own risk.

    Download RivaTuner 2.22
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    Re: Overclocking Nvidia 8800 GTS

    Refer this before going to overclock with 8800 GTS

    Hope these threads will help you

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    Re: Overclocking Nvidia 8800 GTS

    Thanks mates ..I'm glad to be here

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