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Thread: Asus Maximus Extreme

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    Asus Maximus Extreme

    hey, i want someone with the same MB to tell me their own arrangements! + Q9450 + CM880Pro + Memory DDR3 Corsair 1600DHX 2 X 1Gb 1768Mhz 8-7-7-20 1T
    I am OK at 3,500 with cpu 1.28100V, Pll 1.56V, Nb1.45V, sb1.250V, fsb.134V with FSB above 3,500 stutter! They are arrangements try now but there are many volt??

    CPU Features 3.560Ghz Fsb 1780Mhz 1 / 2 Cpu / Fsb
    Ai Overclock Tuner Manual
    CPU Ratio Setting: 8
    FSB Strap to North Bridge: 333
    FSB Frequency: 445
    PCIE Frequency: 110
    DRAM Frequency DDR: 1780
    DRAM Command Rate: 1T

    DRAM Timings
    DRAM Timing Control: Manual
    CAS # Latency: 8
    RAS # to CAS # Delay: 7
    RAS # PRE Time: 7
    RAS # ACT Time: 20
    RAS # to RAS # Delay: 4
    REF Cycle Time: 60
    WRITE Recovery Time: 9
    READ to PRE Time: 6

    READ to WRITE Delay (S / D): 9
    WRITE to READ Delay (S): 5
    WRITE to READ Delay (D): 6
    READ to READ Delay (S): 4
    READ to READ Delay (D): 7
    WRITE to WRITE Delay (S): 4
    WRITE to WRITE Delay (D): 7
    DRAM Dynamic Read Control: Disable
    DDRAM Dynamic Write Control: disable
    Ai Clock Twister: strong
    Ai clock skew for channel A: auto
    Ai clock skew for channel B: auto
    Ai Transaction Booster: enabled 2

    Voltage Settings
    CPU Voltage: 1.28700V
    CPU PLL Voltage: 1.56V
    NB Voltage: 1.47V
    DRAM Voltage: 1.88V
    FSB Termination Voltage: 1.34V
    SB Voltage: 1.125V
    Load-Line Calibration: enable
    CPU GTL Reference: 0.63
    NB GTL Voltage Reference: 0.67
    but in the Dutch: auto

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    I think the volt is ok.

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    Max 1.4 if it can withstand the cold.

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    Since when is the 1.32V the max vcore for 45nm cpu of Intel?

    I have heard either 1.35 or 1.40

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