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Thread: cancel windows repair

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    cancel windows repair

    Where do I start???
    I got a virus on my computer which allowed someone to get into my computer to do anything he wanted. He kept trying to upload my personal records through utorrent so I had to disconnect the internet. I tried to run norton to get rid of the virus but it didn't pick anything up. also the virus switched off windows update and wouldn't allow me to download from the windows website either. so I decided to save all my important files onto disk and the reinstall windows, but when I tried this he had also uninstalled the drivers for my dvd drive and I also was unable to renistall them. so i thought if I use windows repair that might get rip of the virus, but ofcourse when I have attempted this, it copied the files and then tried to start up windows to finish installation, and guess what, it cant pick up the dvd drive on windows!!! when I cancel it or restart my computer, it just reloads straight back onto the same screen. any ideas how I can atleast get onto windows just to get the files I need and send them over the internet to another computer, once this is done I will reinstall windows.
    thanks in advance for any help.

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    put the hdd on some other computer & transfer all the data & format the drive.

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