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Thread: Windows 2003 Repair Install

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    Windows 2003 Repair Install

    im having a problem with my mail delivery i havent tried to install win2k have every trick in the book .
    i want to format this but i cant because there is important and many files of my dad on it . i was thinking to use IMAIL it takes few hours to reinstall it is only option that i can see
    this things im going to do know first im going to repair my win2k3 and see if the files are not corrupted and then to know my data
    im pretty confuse in this i need some guide guys please help me out

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    from where i know it that there is no repair install in server win2k3 , just heard from some where . did you got your self a back up system in your pc . if got that then your ass is saved you can restore the system state from a few days / weeks ago. all you have to do is to reboot in Directory Services mode .

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    any other ideas?
    i have done that many time my self . i dont want to format or reinstall win2k3 just want to verify system files repair it if any damage is there

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    From what i know that you get a repair option when you boot from server 2003 disc .

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