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Thread: How can I cancel a windows xp repair installation?

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    How can I cancel a windows xp repair installation?


    The problem began when I've deleted the partition my Ubuntu was installed on. After I've restarted the computer, the Ubuntu's (Grub) boot loader, stopped functioning and didn't give any option to log on to my default Win XP PRO OS. Obviously I didn't thought that deleting an OS by deleting its partition could cause this.

    So I've got myself a Windows XP SP2 PRO installation disc, and wanted to repair the MBR. I wasn't sure at the beginning on how to get to that tool, so unfortunately I've guessed that repairing the windows installation might solve the MBR issue. After the repair installation finished copying it's files, it restarted to continue with it's process. But the MBR still loaded to the unavailable Ubuntu.

    I've then booted from the Windows CD again and found the FIXMBR tool in the Recovery Console. I've restarted after using it, and the boot finally continued to Windows, only to reach to the installation the repair began with. So I've said to myself "ok, let it finish", but then it got stuck in the part of checking the devices. A restart produced the same results.

    I thought maybe my CD drive is being problematic. So I've restarted, put the CD in my second CD drive, booted from the CD, and initiated the repair again. This time after the restart, the installation didn't even reach the regular graphical screen, it just got stuck on an empty black screen with a working mouse pointer. Switching back to the first CD drive and re-initiating the repair didn't help, it always returns to the black screen. I've learned that keeping my USB cables connected during the installation might have caused the problem in the first repair try, when it got stuck in the part of checking the devices. But disconnecting the cables in the current point didn't help.

    So my wish now is to somehow either solve the repair installation process or to cancel it. Of course I prefer to just cancel it.
    Please let me know if you know how I can do either of those two things.

    Thank you.

    Note, I'm writing these words using a live CD run of Ubuntu.
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