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Thread: How To Cancel Installation Of Windows?

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    How To Cancel Installation Of Windows?

    I did Windows repair a while ago after changing the original motherboard. The repair was not successful. Since then, everytime i boot the system, it takes me to the Windows repair wizard and ultimately an error message comes that the parameter is incorrect. This happens with every XP cd i try.

    So i want to get into my hard hard drive directly everytime i boot into my PC and that avoiding the reinstallation process that starts automatically. I know i can make my hard drive as slave to get into it but i want to boot directly from the hard drive.
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    Re: How To Cancel Installation Of Windows?

    This problem is almost impossible to solve without reinstallation. The process will keep on starting every time. For this, make that hard drive as slave, then format it. After that install fresh windows in that drive making it as master again.

    Before formatting, just make sure that you backup all the important data from that drive. Also remove any any USB devices while formatting and installing windows.

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    Re: How To Cancel Installation Of Windows?

    Thanks, thats what I was doing, apparently my only option. I guess theres no way to recover the drive as a master drive, leaving windows in place wiht my files (in other words, canceling the auto install)?


    I appreciate your guidance. I have already tried that thing. But i think theres no option of recovering the hard drive back to the master. I will have to avoid the reinstalltion always.
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    Re: How To Cancel Installation Of Windows?

    The first thing that could have been done there was set the drive as a stand alone master and boot to the recovery console. At the command prompt there you simply type "Fixmbr" and press enter. Following that you boot from the drive to see if the master boot record has been repaired. That would see Windows load normally requiring you to then install the new board's drivers.

    This depends on the condition Windows was in when the board was swapped. The idea of the repair install is to allow for fresh detection of the new hardware(new board) and repair of the mbr at the same time. You would have to use the original installation disk in order to preserve the current installation of Windows. With another copy you may be able to delete the current installation without deletion of the current partition as well.
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