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Thread: Vlk Blocked On Windows Xp Professional

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    Vlk Blocked On Windows Xp Professional

    does anyone know if purchasing the wga from microsoft will resolve this issue? its a second hand p.c from a company user and so obviously i have an invalid key too, but b4 i shell out 92 of me hard earned, i would like to now if it will clear the blocked vlk and return it to personal use. microsoft dont seem to want to reply to me....

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    Re: Vlk Blocked On Windows Xp Professional

    It will come with it's own license key. Just reformat and reinstall with your own key and you'll be all set. Piece of cake.

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    Re: Vlk Blocked On Windows Xp Professional

    ok... but does that mean i would have to completely reinstall or will i be able to change the key? just dont know if its any different with the volume key than it is with a personal key. is the licence key the ownership of my windows?

    very profound by the way.

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