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Thread: Turn Off System Restore On Windows 2000?

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    Turn Off System Restore On Windows 2000?

    I got a Windows 2000 computer from a garage sale, and I think it is set to system restore whenever I log out. I wan't to disable this so I can save files to the computer, and not have them disappear next time I log on.

    This is may not be system restore because I don't use system restore or know exactly what it is.
    If this is another setting please offer your assistance then too.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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    Re: Turn Off System Restore On Windows 2000?

    I don't believe Win2000 has system restore.

    Are you able to log on as administrator?

    Any used computer should be formatted and Windows reinstalled to remove the previous owner's baggage. I don't suppose you got a Windows CD with this?

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