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Thread: How to backup Windows license key of portable netbook

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    How to backup Windows license key of portable netbook

    My friend has a Acer Netbook. I am going to format that. It is having a Windows 7 Starter edition. In my computer I can see the product id and genuine windows logo. Before formatting I want to backup the license key. And I am not able to find any option for that. I can see the product id. Is that the license key. After taking a note of that can I format and reactivate windows back again. But if I format directly then it is obvious that I am going to loose the serial key and I wont be able to work on the same. I want some help here to fix this problem.

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    Re: How to backup Windows license key of portable netbook

    The product id that is visible in My Computer > Properties is not the actual serial key. Just try checking on the backside of the laptop. There is a sticker where you can find the complete serial key. But if that is not visible. There are certain process through which you can backup the serial key and then you can re-use that when you format your pc and you have to go ahead with the activation. You can try checking the stickers or details of your laptop and then you can find the exact serial key. Mostly it is printed on the backside which is easily visible.

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    Re: How to backup Windows license key of portable netbook

    There is one way through which you can try taking the backup of your serial key. Then you can also restore that very easily and here you don't have to worry about the activation part. I am talking about using Advanced Tokens Manager. This is a tiny but very effective software through which you can backup and restore your license after formatting. If you are not having the serial key then there is nothing to much worry. Advanced Tokens Manager will resolve your problem quiet easily. You have to run this software. It will create a backup and once you are done with the formatting part you can restore the key through this.

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