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Thread: Windows 10 upgrade error Error 0x80073BC3 - 0x20009

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    Windows 10 upgrade error Error 0x80073BC3 - 0x20009

    I am not able to figure out why I am getting a upgrade error while I am trying to upgrade to Windows 10. I got a iso file for that which I had used to make a dvd. And now when I am going ahead with the upgrade this thing is not working. I am just getting Error 0x80073BC3 - 0x20009 error on the screen and it is not going ahead. I had tried restarting the pc and doing all the procedure again but still it is not working. I am quiet sure there is something that can causing the problem. I had tried to re-install it again but it is not helping. My existing windows is also wiped out so I cannot do anything here.

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    Re: Windows 10 upgrade error Error 0x80073BC3 - 0x20009

    I will advice you to start again from scratch. Try to delete all the partition and then re-create it. Try to create Windows partition first and leave the others on default settings. Then install Windows on it. I am quiet sure that this will resolve the error. After when the setup starts and you get the error then it means the setup is not proper. It is having some damage files in it. You have to recheck the same. Try finding out another setup and test with that. This will fix the problem. But first use the partition option that I had mentioned above.

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    Re: Windows 10 upgrade error Error 0x80073BC3 - 0x20009

    Most probably this error is associated with a damage windows setup. You have to find a new one for that and I am quiet sure that it will resolve the problem. You can try troubleshooting but it will be a waste of time.The best thing you can do is find a proper working setup file, download that and burn it to DVD. Then boot and test out. Try installing a fresh version of windows through that and then go ahead with any kind of update you want. Deleting partitions will help. But just check that you don't remove any kind of factory partition which many branded system has.

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