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Thread: floppy drive support in Windows 10 Technical Preview

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    floppy drive support in Windows 10 Technical Preview

    I have recently installed the all new Windows 10 Technical Preview in my second hard drive. One thing that I have checked is that the floopy drive in my computer is not getting installed in this operating system and all I am getting is a device hardware ID ACPI\VEN_PNP&DEV_0700. I havent seen anyone complaining about this issue because some might think it is not worth it, but still I use floppy drive regularly and hope that it gets a support in this OS.

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    Re: floppy drive support in Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Most of the time if any of the device is not working in your computer then this is happening due to a corrupt driver, frankly speaking. So, you should simply try to reinstall a new copy of that driver and get it to work. You can use Windows Update to install the driver. You might need to set Windows Update to automatically download and install recommended updates. Or else, install software from the device manufacturer. For example, if your device came with a disc, that disc might contain software that installs a driver for the device.

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    Re: floppy drive support in Windows 10 Technical Preview

    I have heard that Windows 10 has dropped support for floppy drives, but I am not 100% sure about it though. I also read from somewhere that you can try to install Windows 8.1 fdc.inf and flpydisk.inf on the 32bit version of Windows 10 to get the floppy drive to work, but that will not work on a 64 bit operating system of Windows 10. If you want, then you can even test by purchasing the USB Floppy Drive in Windows 10 and see if that works.

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    Re: floppy drive support in Windows 10 Technical Preview

    You can download a tool called Driver booster software. Outdated drivers can affect the performance of your PC and lead to system crashes. Driver Booster automatically scans and identifies outdated drivers, and downloads and installs the correct update for you in one click, and saves your time. Once the updates have been installed, you will be prompted to perform a system restart for the changes to take effect. Moreover, it is specially designed to refine the drivers for better gaming performance. It is ideal to protect your PC against hardware failures, conflicts and system crashes.

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