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Thread: Accessing all programs from keyboard shortcut in Windows 7

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    Accessing all programs from keyboard shortcut in Windows 7

    Will it be fast to access all the programs through a keyboard shortcut in Windows 7. Like starting a game or simply starting a program. I want to do it very fast not waiting for the mouse to go in start menu and then click on the program icon and then wait for the program to launch. I am trying to learn a lot of shortcut which would help to start various thing simply through a shortcut key. There few programs that I want to launch like Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc with just simple shortcuts. Because I had installed a theme on my windows and that cause the start menu to work very slow. I do not want to remove that theme.

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    Re: Accessing all programs from keyboard shortcut in Windows 7

    The only way I think you can try out is applying keyboard shortcuts manually in each of your program and then I think it will start working. You can apply your own shortcuts for each program by right clicking on the shortcut icon of the application. And then you have to choose General rom there. You have to click on the shortcut and choose W for word. A shortcut will be applied like Ctrl + Alt + W. Windows will not allow you to keep only W. You can use various third party program for doing the same. Through which you can provide you own keyboard shortcut and use it as per your need.

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    Re: Accessing all programs from keyboard shortcut in Windows 7

    There is one more thing you can try out. You can try using a launcher application. There are ample of them. Just install them and you will get a search box or a launcher in place of your windows desktop. I was using one where I just have to type the name of application and then it appear on the screen. It is quiet faster here. Even Start Menu search box also work in the same way. But it is right that when you install themes it gets slow. It will take a few seconds to display the icons. For that using a third party launcher will be quiet effective solution for you. Try Launchy. It is lightweight and very fast to use to run your programs.

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