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Thread: Windows 8 hard drive moved to different pc failed to boot

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    Windows 8 hard drive moved to different pc failed to boot

    I had removed my hard drive to copy some data on a new pc. I had connected that as s secondary drive and moved. Now when I restored the drive back to its original pc it is not booting up. The system just stuck on the boot animation. I want a bit help to fix the issue. I had not done any changes in the hard disk. So there must be no issue like that. I had tired connecting the hard drive on different sata ports but it is not working. I am getting the same issue again and again. How to fix it.

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    Re: Windows 8 hard drive moved to different pc failed to boot

    Looks like there is some issue with the mbr thing. Connect the drive exactly at the same place where it was before. Then boot your pc with windows installation disc. In that you can find a repair option and in that you can find startup repair. Click on the same. I will scan your pc for existing windows installation and will resolve the issue by updating the bootloader . Just after that restart your pc and then check back. I am quiet sure after this the pc will start working well like before.

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    Re: Windows 8 hard drive moved to different pc failed to boot

    I had did this thing an umber of time but never faced a issue. I had removed my drive and given to my friends for copying videos. But when they gave that back to me I restore it back as it was before and it starts working fine. There is no issue with that at all. You have to check the connection and also verify the power connector once. I am quiet sure this is some kind of connectivity fault due to which you are facing the issue. You must try changing the cable if possible and boot it back again. Check the drive is detected in bios or not.

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