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Thread: Ati driver crashing on Windows XP

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    Ati driver crashing on Windows XP

    I am having a bit issue with ati driver on Windows XP. It is crashing when I am trying to play any game. I have a old Windows XP pc which has a 1GBg graphics and 4GB ram. I do not want to upgrade to windows 7 because that will hamper the performance. When I try to launch any game I am getting a error that Ati driver is not working. I had restarted the pc and tested it back again. But still it is not working.

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    Re: Ati driver crashing on Windows XP

    First of all it is hard to find a driver update for Windows XP. This Os is officially discontinued. But you can still try to use the old drivers which are available on the official site of your motherboard manufacturer. You can choose the download from there and install the same in your system. Just visit the site of your motherboard manufacturer first and then download the drivers for the graphic card also. And check back.

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    Re: Ati driver crashing on Windows XP

    There are few things you have to do to fix the issue. First uninstall the ati driver from control panel > add/remove program. And then download chipset drivers for windows xp. Once done get the fresh ati drivers back again and install it. This will resolve the issue. Launch game after restarting your pc so that it wont crash again. This will surely fix the issue. You can find the chipset drivers on the basis of your motherboard model.

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