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Thread: No audio after Window 8 recovery

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    No audio after Window 8 recovery

    I had restored my system back to its original state. I used Windows imaging to create a clone of windows partition. After restoration there is a bit issue with my system. I am unable to get any audio. I had tried to check the volume settings but everything is fine. When I had created the copy all the drivers were updated. I thought it will be faster for me to restore when there are crashing issue. But now the audio failed.

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    Re: No audio after Window 8 recovery

    You have to install the drivers back again to make it work. It looks the time when you had made the image of windows your system were having some outdated drivers. That is why you get this issue. You can download the fresh drivers from web. And then install them. Keep a backup in your pc. Whenever you restore you can use those drivers to install the file back again. That is the easiest way to fix the problem.

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    Re: No audio after Window 8 recovery

    I had used windows imaging many times but each time when I restore there was some issue. Sometime the explorer crash, or sometime my outlook does not work. Then I switched to Norton Ghost. It is a very advance and effective tool to create a very powerful system recovery. It works well and does not cause issue at the time of restoration. You can simply restore your entire system back again through this and it has a custom restore solution also.

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