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Thread: Chkdsk failing on ThinkCenter E73 desktop

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    Chkdsk failing on ThinkCenter E73 desktop

    I am getting fatal system error while running checkdisk on ThinkCenter E73 desktop. The system is working ok but a few time I got blue-screen in between. I ran chkdsk as per a solution mentioned on the official Microsoft forums. Now I am getting a constant fatal system error on that. I am not able to figure out the reason behind this thing. What does it mean. My hard drive is damage. The system is only a year old.

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    Re: Chkdsk failing on ThinkCenter E73 desktop

    Yes that error means your drive is not proper. It can die anytime. First thing you must do is start taking data backup. Copy all your important files at some place. And then try to troubleshoot. You can using Windows installation disc to run chkdsk once again. If you are still getting the same error then better take the system to a service center. That will more help. This is a hardware issue. And it cannot be resolved through software.

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    Re: Chkdsk failing on ThinkCenter E73 desktop

    There are few good hard drive testing software. You can use them to find out whether this problem is serious or not. For that you can use HDDTest. Just run this software and see what information it provide. If the driver has serious issue then surely it will give you the error on your screen. You have to replace that because there is no other way. But if there is no error in the tool you can skip chkdsk. It can be windows problem.

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    Re: Chkdsk failing on ThinkCenter E73 desktop

    Try to run chkdks a number of time. You can also do that in safe mode. Just run it again and again and see whether you are getting this error or not. If you got this continuously then just for once test this with a third party software. One of the best HD Diagnostic software is HDDScan. It is quiet reliable and give you proper information on the issue you are facing. Just run this thing and check back. I am sure this will help.

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