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Thread: offline update of Windows 8.1 download

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    offline update of Windows 8.1 download

    I have calculated that the Windows 8.1 update is way over 3.5GB or so. I have a very bad internet connection at my place that drops more often and hence if I will be downloading and installing it from the Windows Store then it will surely quit in the middle. So, I was wondering if there is any offline update of this Windows 8.1 available anywhere, so that I can download it directly from the download managers and then install it properly. Anybody knows such file that even exists? Thanks

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    Re: offline update of Windows 8.1 download

    I dont think you can download the Windows 8.1 offline update from anywhere. You can only update your Windows 8 operating system to Windows 8.1 from the inbuilt Windows Store. To do that click on Start Screen and then click the Store tile. After that click the Windows 8.1 update. Now the update will download and install in the background while you can do anything on your pc. Just note that there might be something you need to take care if the installer running the background asks you to do.

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    Re: offline update of Windows 8.1 download

    Well, I have got 5 computers that are having Windows 8 installed on it and till now I have only updated 2 computers to 8.1. I am finding it really boring downloading the update all over again on the other PCs. Microsoft should deploy an offline Windows 8.1 update so that people dont have to download it again from the Store. If I calculate the data, then atleast I am downloading the same file with over 15GB of data which is really a waste of internet bandwidth.

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    Re: offline update of Windows 8.1 download

    There is a method to download the Windows 8.1 ISO file from microsoft website with the Windows 8 product key. First of all you need to go to this link and then click on the button called "Install Windows 8". After that open the setup file, Windows8-Setup.exe, and again enter your product key when it will ask you. Simply follow the process where it starts downloading Windows 8 and after that close the same setup window and confirm to quit setup. Now this time go on the same link and then click on the button called "Install Windows 8.1". Open the setup file, WindowsSetupBox.exe, and Windows 8.1 ISO will start to download. After that iso file has been downloaded then you will asked to choose an installation option. Here you have to select "Install by creating media" and then click on save the ISO file and it will be saved to your PC and then you get the option to burn it to DVD. Hope this helps.

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