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Thread: operating System Not Found error on Acer Aspire V5

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    operating System Not Found error on Acer Aspire V5

    I am using an old Acer Aspire V5 laptop that I bought in Feb 2013. I have noticed that whenever I shut down my laptop and turn it on back then I am getting an erorr message that says "Operating System Not Found." After that I turn of the laptop again and after sometime when I turn it on again then it will boot normally to Windows. Does anyone know what is wrong with this laptop? Thank you

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    Re: operating System Not Found error on Acer Aspire V5

    The error that you are getting mostly happens if the hard drive is not detected by the BIOS. Can you tell us which BIOS version is installed in your laptop. If it is old then try to go to Acer website and download the latest BIOS firmware for your laptop model and install it. If still after updating to the latest BIOS version the problem doesnt go, then you need to contact the Acer support for repair services.

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    Re: operating System Not Found error on Acer Aspire V5

    You can try to restore your laptop using the Acer Recovery Management software to the original factory configuration but it will alo erase all the data from your laptop, so try to make a backup for it first. To perform a factory reset press the Windows key + C key on the keyboard to open your Charms. After that click Search and then type Recover. Now click on Acer Recovery Management and then choose Restore Factory settings and then click next. Choose to fully clean the drive and then click Reset.

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    Re: operating System Not Found error on Acer Aspire V5

    I have found a workaround for the issue that you are facing. First turn on your laptop and then immediately press F2 to log into the BIOS. After that set the Sata mode to IDE and then enter a supervisor password and then go to teh section Secure Boot and erase all the settings of Secure boot by changing the option to Yes. Now go to the Legacy BIOS option and change the Boot mode also. Save the changes and then exit BIOS. Now format your hard drive and install any Windows operating system on your laptop.

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