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Thread: how to merge 2 partitions in Windows 8

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    how to merge 2 partitions in Windows 8

    I am running Windows 8 in my computer and due to the lack of space in the C: drive, where Windows 8 is installed, I am looking for a way to increase the size of this drive. So, can anyone tell me how do I combine 2 partitions in Windows 8 without formating the hard drive partition or so? Thanks for any information in advance.

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    Re: how to merge 2 partitions in Windows 8

    There is a free software called EaseUS Partition Manager that you can download easily from the net. If you want a simple to use and reliable program to change your hard disk partitions then EaseUS Partition Manager is exactly the type of program you want. Most of the time enlarging, reducing, creating or deleting a partition requires formatting or loss of data that is annoying but with EaseUS Partition Manager, you can perform all these changes in total security by fully protecting your data. In addition it offers a tool for copying and restoring data to ensure that you get your entire hard drive space.

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    Re: how to merge 2 partitions in Windows 8

    In Windows 8 there is an option to merge 2 partitions without any help of the software. Just open Control Panel > System Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management. After that you just hav to open Storage and then Disk Management. Now, you will have need a patition that will be added to the C: Drive but remember to back up the drive that will be added and then delete the partition. After that getting a free space partition just move to partition C: drive that will be extended and right click on it and then choose the Extend Volume and click Next. After some time the drives will be merged.

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    Re: how to merge 2 partitions in Windows 8

    There is another great software called Paragon Partition Manager that has many features. It comes with complete configuration and creation of new partitions, modifying existing configuration that already contains data, whatever the case - separate and secure important data on a dedicated partition, change partitioning for a new system, etc. It offers improved performance file system with the possibility of installing or using multiple systems on a single computer. Partition Manager has a simple restore function in case of system failure, including the restoration of important documents.

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