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Thread: Skydrive folder location changing in Windows 8.1 Preview

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    Skydrive folder location changing in Windows 8.1 Preview

    I have just upgraded to Windows 8.1 Preview on my computer. My question is that since Skydrive folder's default location is C:\Users\Username\SkyDrive, can this location be changed to some other directory or other hard drive. I have checked in the Skydrive settings but there is no options to do the same? Does anyone know how this can be done? Thanks

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    Re: Skydrive folder location changing in Windows 8.1 Preview

    You can do a right click on the Skydrive application icon in the system tray and then click Settings to open Microsoft Skydrive settings dialog box. After that switch to About tab and you will get a Unlink Skydrive button. Just click on the button and the files will no longer be kept up-to-date with your Skydrive account, you will be just logging out of the SkyDrive. Now click on the Unlink Skydrive button which will open the SkyDrive client setup screen. Just ensure that the client is not uploading files to the cloud. Now click on get started button and then you will get a screen and then enter your Windows Live ID and password to login. After that you will get an option to change the Skydrive default location. Now click on change button and choose the location you want and click Next button. After clicking next button again, click done button to finish the setup and you are now done.

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    Re: Skydrive folder location changing in Windows 8.1 Preview

    There is no way that Skydrive will download any stuffs to any other locations or external hard drive except for its default location. No doubt that the option to change the Skydrive folder location is an important feature but it is still not implemented but. Most probably it will come out in the future or so. Till now microsoft has told that this feature is currently not supported.

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    Re: Skydrive folder location changing in Windows 8.1 Preview

    Well, it will be good if people can just wait for the final release of Windows 8.1 and then install it. Since its a preview version you are tend to get many such problems that will not allow you to move a different Skydrive location. You should also not sync all your datas. Also, due to lack of space if you are looking to change the location, it will be good to get a new large space drive to store datas.

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