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Thread: SkyDrive will not sync in Windows 8.1

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    SkyDrive will not sync in Windows 8.1

    After installing Windows 8.1 preview version, the installed Skydrive app in my system is not syncing at all. What is wrong with this Windows 8 SkyDrive app, which is not desktop version, which is not updating into I have read that the desktop version is not working with Window 8.1 that is why I am not using it? Can anyone tell me how do I solve this problem? Thanks.

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    Re: SkyDrive will not sync in Windows 8.1

    Even I was facing this similar sync issue with Skydrive app in Windows 8.1 preview. But I have found a little fix that solve my issue, although I dont know whether it will work for anyone else or not. Anyways, you just have to go to Skydrive metro app and then access settings from the Charm Bar and then settings and then options and then here you will get only "access all files offline". Now try to turn this option to ON from OFF and then the sync started working fine for me.

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    Re: SkyDrive will not sync in Windows 8.1

    I tried the above solution but that doesnt solve my issue. I have even checked for some similar discussions on many forums, but there is not solution given till yet. I think that this might be a bug that will be resolved in the upcoming patch or something. When I went to the setting then 'Access All Files Offline' option was already turned on and it did nothing.

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    Re: SkyDrive will not sync in Windows 8.1

    Can you try to restart Skydrive and see if that helps. Try to just restart your computer and then login to the Skydrive account. Or else you can directly stop and start skydrive. You can find the exe of Skydrive in this path c:\windows\system32\skydrive.exe. Just open command prompt and then type " c:\> %systemdrive%\windows\system32\skydrive.exe /shutdown" without quotes. This way Skydrive will be stopped and then restart it with "c:\> %systemdrive%\windows\system32\skydrive.exe" command.

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