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Thread: How to create folders to store emails in Windows 8

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    How to create folders to store emails in Windows 8

    I am a new user to Windows 8 operating system, upgraded it recently after heard about the windows 8.1 update having Start Menu. I upgraded to the same, everything working fine. But i am facing a small problem with the Email application from the metro screen. I have added my Live as well as Gmail account, mails coming and going fine but all mails are showing up in the inbox itself that too very messed up. Hence i was thinking to arrange these mails according in a folder but i didn;t get anyway to create folder in Windows 8 Mail.

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    Re: How to create folders to store emails in Windows 8

    Have you created folders manually on your web based Gmail inbox? If yes, it should sync the same on Windows Mail as well. There is no way to create or manage folders in Windows mail. It should be done on the original server like gmail or outlook. Once done, add the account to windows mail and it will sync the mails and folder as it is on the server. Thats the only way as of now.

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    Re: How to create folders to store emails in Windows 8

    That’s true. Unfortunately there is no way to create folders in windows mail. This is bit disappointing and surprising as well because this is the most recent and enhanced email client from Microsoft but far less effective compared to the older clients like Outlook Express. Unlike OE, windows mail wont even support POP settings. I thought Microsoft will atleast fix this in Windows 8 but they didn’t.

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    Re: How to create folders to store emails in Windows 8

    I am not sure whether this will work but you can give it a try:
    • Click the File menu, point to New, and then click Folder.
    • Type the name of your folder in the Folder name box.
    • In the Select the folder in which to create the new folder list, click the folder where you want to store your new folder.

    I use to do this in Windows 7 Mail, as I haven’t tested Windows 8 so far, I have no idea about its email account. May be the above steps can work. Let us know the results.

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    Re: How to create folders to store emails in Windows 8

    I appreciate your help Fitzroy but that didn’t worked. I think those guys are correct. The only is making the required changes on the original server and then sync the same in Windows mail. Whatsoever, MS should take care about this or they will loose customers using their email.

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