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Thread: Windows 7 Page_FAULT_IN_UnpagedArea in normal boot only

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    Windows 7 Page_FAULT_IN_UnpagedArea in normal boot only

    hi again guys

    i have another acer aspire one netbook issue

    i get a BSOD Page_Fault_in_Unpaged area

    again it is a win 7 starter os

    this is the first problem since i had it re-installed 1.5 months ago

    i will back up the system in a few days or move all of the files to a different computer and re-install win 7 starter if i have to but it would be preffered if i didn't have to

    will see if i can get the minidump files from safemode because it is the only way that i can get into windows and not have it BSOD on me

    any help would be awesome

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    Re: Windows 7 Page_FAULT_IN_UnpagedArea in normal boot only

    Well, the error message says it all that the problem is with the ram. You will have to download and burn memtest86 to a cd and then boot the same CD and run atleast 2-3 complete cycles on each stick of ram individually, in each slot. It definitely seems like one of the Ram dimm on the laptop has gone bad.
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    Re: Windows 7 Page_FAULT_IN_UnpagedArea in normal boot only

    no it was not the ram... my case it had to do with kernel32.dll so i restored the comp to the farthest back restore point that i could use and it is now fixed

    yes i may have had unaccessable program errors but i was able to uninstall said programs that were causing the errors and it runs fine now

    and the ram would have been unaccessable anyway because it is a new-ish netbook and i am trying to not void the warranty

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    Re: Windows 7 Page_FAULT_IN_UnpagedArea in normal boot only

    The PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA bug check has a value of 0x00000050. This indicates that invalid system memory has been referenced. You can get more information about this error here -

    Either ways, since you have solved this issue, so you need not have to do anything ahead.

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