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Thread: How to clear file permission in Windows 7

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    How to clear file permission in Windows 7

    I am looking for some easy to use software that can help me to clean file permission on Windows 7. I had shared a huge number of files here. And it looks like that there is someone is still accessing my files I had shared different folders and file and I do not remember any of those. While Windows 7 does not gives you any kind of list that can show me which folders are shared with Everyone on the network. It is my mistake that I did not maintained the record. How can I simply reset everything.

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    Re: How to clear file permission in Windows 7

    There is no direct software to disable that. You have to do that manually. If you wan to find which folders are shared and accessible to everyone just go in Network Places. In that you can find the list of all shared folders and you can then on that basis locate the actual location in your pc and unshare it. That's all. Windows is not having any software or any place in the system itself from where you can simply find the shared folders and reset the permission. It is a time consuming job if there are huge number of files in your system.

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    Re: How to clear file permission in Windows 7

    I am also looking for same kind of tool. Where you can in the explorer itself can find the information related to on shared files. Permission can be managed much easily through AD. You can create users and control the way they access your shared components. It is quiet simple. All you need to do is install windows server on your network. Then simply add the other computers and create users on the basis of file permission. You can then give that users login to the people who want to access your files.

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    Re: How to clear file permission in Windows 7

    It is correct that the same is much simpler using Active Directory. But for standalone systems like Windows 7 you cannot find the permission applied unless you go and check manually. The only place to find the list of all shared folders is inside Network Places. What more you can do is simply change the workgroup name. Once you modify the name, unless the users do not change their workgroup name also they will not be able to share your content. It is the only option left according to me to wipe out the file permission.

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    Re: How to clear file permission in Windows 7

    You can do the same through Network Sharing Center also. Just go in that and disable sharing if you do not want any files to be shared. But if you want to remove permissions of specific files only then you have to do that manually. It is always complicated to manage that manually. AD is a nice solution but for that you have to work on advance level. Your configuration stuff increases that is a bit annoyed everytime. I hope there will be some kind of tool in future which can clean this.

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