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Thread: How to search in windows 8 app store

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    How to search in windows 8 app store

    Isn’t there a search option for searching apps in windows 8 app store??? I have installed windows 8 and it seems as if there is no option for searching through the store. I just see three option and they are “All categories”, “All prices” and “Sort by noteworthy”. I don’t see any option other than these. Searching for some specific apps using these options is very irritating. Let me know if there is any option for searching through the app store.

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    Re: How to search in windows 8 app store

    Hey even I am looking after an answer for the same. I am very new to windows 8. It’s been just three days since I have installed it. I am still learning and exploring its features and having a bit hard time. Sorting options like “All categories”, “All prices” and “Sort by noteworthy” are really not sufficient for searching a specific app. It takes much time as I have to browse through all the apps in a particular section to find the one I am looking for.

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    Re: How to search in windows 8 app store

    We do have search option in windows 8 app store, you don’t have to go through all applications in particular section for finding the app you might be looking for. Once you enter the windows app store you can simply press windows key + Q for getting the search option on your screen. It not there by default, even though it should have been on the page itself.
    This is how your app store will look after pressing windows key + Q, you can search for your specific app by just typing its name in the search box.

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