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Thread: Social Apps for Windows 8

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    Social Apps for Windows 8

    I have installed windows 8 finally in my system after facing lot of issues. I am not here to discuss the issues I have faced but I want to know if there is Social App for Windows 8. I have gone through windows app store but I can’t see Facebook, twitter applications in there. It seems as if they haven’t come up with any social applications for windows 8.

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    Re: Social Apps for Windows 8

    Windows 8 is late with social applications. They haven’t come up with Facebook nor Twitter. According to sources windows 8 has been installed on four million systems by now and still Microsoft has not yet come up with any social built in applications.

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    Re: Social Apps for Windows 8

    You can check out some alternate apps for facebook and twitter, these are top 5 alternate applications for facebook and twitter:
    • FlipToast
    • MetroTwit
    • Tweetro
    • Social Dribble
    • Digital Dictator

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    Re: Social Apps for Windows 8

    You can check out below ones as well, they are the best social apps for Windows 8.
    1. Tweetro
    2. MetroTwit
    3. Skype
    4. NGReader
    5. IM+

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    Re: Social Apps for Windows 8

    Hey for facebook you can check out "Facebook messenger'. You just have to add it in your browser.
    To get better knowledge about how it looks and works, you can check out below tips and tweaks article.
    Tips to add built-in Facebook Messenger in Firefox browser

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    Re: Social Apps for Windows 8

    You just need 3 applications for now and they are

    MetroTwit: It’s a Twitter client app which will give you Twitter experience with some of its additional features. You can use multiple Twitter account at a time and carry out tasks like Tweeting, replying to tweets, re-tweets, favorite etc at the same time.
    FlipToast: Its an all in one application for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. One can update their Facebook or tweet on Twitter by carrying out task like comment, view posts, view video/photos, view notifications etc.
    Skype: I don’t think I need to add any explanation for it. As we know it is One of the most popular application for video calling.

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