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Thread: How to Restrict Finder at the startup in OS X Lion?

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    How to Restrict Finder at the startup in OS X Lion?

    The finder is irritating me a lot. Earlier I had no problem with Finder opening up at the start up as it wasn’t disturbing a lot but now I really do not like it. I want to somehow get rid of it as soon as possible. I have a macbook pro with me, and let me tell you that before updating to OS X Lion there was no such issue but after the update every time I try to start the machine at the startup I am bound to get the finder windows without any reason. i have not set it as default or something then what could be the problem. Please help me out and let me what should I do in order get rid of this unwanted window (remember I do not want to eliminate it from the entire system, just wanted to remove it from the start up).

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    Re: How to Restrict Finder at the startup in OS X Lion?

    For your kind information let me tell you that with OS X Lion there was a built in feature where the finder windows used to reopen at the start up if it was left unclosed at the time of shutting down the system previously. So first of all do not take this as a problem, apple themselves have made such functions. It happens with me a lot and in fact earlier the first time when I bought my Mac system I wasn’t able to make out why exactly I was getting so many finder window at the start up but then later on when I contacted the Apple support center from there I understood that if we leave any finder window opened or forget to close such window and shut down then definitely those windows get surely open without fail. Lion update has nothing to do with all this things.

    However, for this you need not have to get panic or think much about it, just make sure that you do not leave any finder windows opened before you go on for shutting down the system.

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    Re: How to Restrict Finder at the startup in OS X Lion?

    I am sure the problem is not with leaving the finder windows during the shutdown. There are cases where even after you close the entire finder window, you tend to get it back at the startup. And I can definitely say that this thread is point out towards the same issue. In such case above solution is definitely not going to help you out but however taking such precautions are very much necessary so I think I must not degrade the suggestion instead I appreciate it.
    Anyways even after taking such precaution doesn’t help you then try out my world class idea. I will suggest you with a command:

    • Just make sure that you enter it into your system Terminal. Before you perform this copy pasting task I would ask you to be aware of not copying any extra additional letter or even space. Either you type the command by yourself or carefully copy paste it nicely. Here’s the command:
      mv ~/Library/Preferences/ ~/Desktop
    • After typing this command into your Terminal press return and then reboot your machine

    Now the problem shouldn’t arise but if the problem still persists then I think you must try out something different (go for some other suggestion) but before that do the following:

    • There might be a file created at your system desktop after you enter the above command. This file is to be sent back its original location and also you should make sure to restore all the finder preferences. For doing this task, again you will have to open your Terminal and paste the following command into it. The command is:
      mv ~/Desktop/ ~/Library/Preferences
    • Again press return and then reboot the system as you already did before.

    Note that, if fortunately the command worked for you and if the finder window is no more appearing in your computer at the start up, then you have to however delete the same file that have been created in the desktop. Also I think you will have to reset the Finder Preferences.

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    Re: How to Restrict Finder at the startup in OS X Lion?

    Hey I do have another similar suggestion for you. There is few other commands that you can try. If the above command doesn’t plays the trick then you can try the ones but I am not sure with them so better try them on your own risk.
    • Follow up the same procedure for the commands to, just replace the command:
      • mv ~/Library/Saved\ Application\ State/ ~/Desktop
    • As already said above after entering the command press return and then restart your computer. Before restarting see to it that you do not keep and finder window open.

    Another command is quite simple, you do not have to enter any path or there are no such extra additional special characters. Simple type as mentioned:
    killall Finder
    Do not make any changes while typing the command, let “killall” be as it is (enter without space) and also the word “Finder” should start from a Capital letter.

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    Re: How to Restrict Finder at the startup in OS X Lion?

    Doing so much of R&Ds isn’t necessary. Opening the Terminal, typing all these commands are not really required. You can simply resolve your problem with a simple re-installation of your OS X Lion in your machine. I too had the same problem, wasn’t able to get rid of the finder window at the startup. I didn’t consulted or preferred anyone’s suggestion as I was very well aware that the problem started after I did the OS update and therefore either switching back to the previous update or reinstalling the existing one was definitely going help me out and that is what exactly happened. I planned to first try reinstalling OS X Lion and if that would not have helped me then I would have went for switching back to the previous update. However fortunately reinstalling did the trick and I was out of the problem. now I do not get finder window anymore. Better do not break your head with typing such commands instead reinstall Lion again and get rid of the problem.

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    Re: How to Restrict Finder at the startup in OS X Lion?

    It is not possible to restrict finder. When you shutdown your system ,a message box prompt "Reopen windows when you will login", just simply uncheck the box. You will get rid of this problem.

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