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Thread: downloaded files being corrupted frequently in Mac OS X Lion

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    downloaded files being corrupted frequently in Mac OS X Lion

    I am using the built in Safari browser for downloading the files and folders from internet and also I save them at the same location where I used to save previously from the time I am using my Macbook pro. But then, don’t know for what reason from past one week all my donwloadd files are getting badly corrupted. No matter from which source I download the file they are bound to get corrupted. Even if I download any app software from Apple’s official site, they get corrupted. If you are pointing out my MyBook Pro for the problem then I must say that you have completely mistaken because the same problem is being encountered in my another Mac system. I personally feel that there is something wrong with the network setup but unfortunately didn’t get the exact place of issue. I would have called up my ISP but cant do it until I am sure that the issue is actually with the network and not with the both my Mac system or with the OS X Lion version update. Come on guys, let me know if there’s anyone having a MacBook pro or a Lion system and facing the same problem. I just want to make myself sure with the issue only then I can go for searching out for an appropriate soluiton.

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    Re: downloaded files being corrupted frequently in Mac OS X Lion

    You almost guessed it right my dear, it’s your ISP’s problem and not your macbook pro. You Lion machines have nothing to do with this issue. I am saying this with my own experience. there are numerous cases where I have seen people facing such dowload files getting corrupted issue and however every fetched up internet connection as the main reason behind this trouble. You can find this issue with most of the Apple product users who are using iCloud. No doubt, large amount of Apple users at the same time tries to use load several things at the same time which lot of their own bandwidth and in turns affects their own internet connection. I would personally suggest you to go for trying out a different connection. I mean, if you are having a wireless connection and if you are connected via Wifi then better try out a wired connection and if that doesn’t works then switch back to the existing wireless connection, maybe switching back again to the wifi may help you and improve your connection.

    You just want to know the main reason for the cause? Check on internet or visit the apple forum. There are multiple threads where people are complaining about the same issue but the most interesting you will find over there e is that in all the cases they are blaming the upgrade which they did in their Macbook. Internet or network connection is surely not a problem. One of my friend is also facing the same problem, the first even he was suggested to try out a different network. After trying several network he got the same result (downloaded files were getting corrupted).

    However according to my search on internet I have found that whoever facing this problem are either updated their system to Lion or already using OS X Lion into their machine. It’s the job of Apple to resolve the issue and the service provider has nothing to do with it. So friends, better do not blame your internet connection for whatever you are facing now. Instead contact Apple support and ask them for a proper suggestion, they might help you somehow. Thoroughly explain them your problem. Hope they will do something.

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    Re: downloaded files being corrupted frequently in Mac OS X Lion

    I was against the people who were blaming Lion update for the isssue as my Macbook pro with Mac OS X Lion was brand new and didn’t have any problem with the downloaded files. But I must say that I concluded the result too early, I should have waited at least for a month to come up with such openion because after three weeks of usage I found that my download were getting corruped without any reason and I wasn’t able to help myself.

    I am not sure whether it’s an OS issue, but I think it would be much better if anyone having another machine try to download. However at lesat this much is clear that Apple is the core reason for everything so better we not waste much time and file a bug report at Apple site as soon as possible or else I will contact the Care center.

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    Re: downloaded files being corrupted frequently in Mac OS X Lion

    So get ready to face a twist in this discussion. Even i was facing the same problem and guess what? I have got my problem resolved already. Now you will be shocked to know the main cause of such problem, especially people who think that Lion update or the Mac system are causing the issue.

    Apple has no problem at all, at least not in my case. It was actually the DSL router for the download problem. intially even I wasn’t able to make out anything (I though maybe some sort of virus is doing this) but later on after I showed my entire system with the network connection to my Service provider he pointed out the router and the connection for this problem. within the router configuration after switching off the routing eventhing came back to its normal position. Firstly I didn’t get anything when I explained me the problem but then later on after the detailed study I understood everything. for turning off the routing you are supposed to disable the switch mode. By doing this you will end up getting no LAN instead of this you will be getting the IP address of WAN from your internet provider (this is what I got). Anyways after all these changes I tried to download the same files which used to get corrupted previously during the time of facing the problem. now all those files get download easily without any problem and also they remain safe even after long hours of saving.

    Anyways, I just wanted to say that if you are facing any downloads issue then instead of wasting your time in resolving it in your Mac machine better you contact your ISP and get it sorted out as soon as possible. Its just a local router issue and nothing bigger than that.

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    Re: downloaded files being corrupted frequently in Mac OS X Lion

    There might be a problem in your net connection as people said in discussion. I am also using Safari browser in my Mac OS X Lion and never get any downloading issue so check your internet connection.

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