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Thread: OS X Lion error - Failed to authorize right '

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    OS X Lion error - Failed to authorize right '

    I have recently made a fresh installation of OS X Lion and I did not had any issue with the installation part and it was successful. The only problem that I am facing with the same is that when I am opening software update then I get an error message saying “Failed to authorize right '” I don’t have an idea about the same, I don’t think I have missed out anything during the installation of OS X Lion. Is there anyone who has faced the same or has an idea about it? Will reinstalling OS X Lion help me I getting rid of this error?? Any suggestions??

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    Re: OS X Lion error - Failed to authorize right '

    There are possibilities that your user's permissions and group membership might have got messed somehow. If it is so then you can try out the below solution to solve the issue:
    • First open System Preferences> Users & Groups and then create a user account having administrator privileges and just uncheck "Allow user to administer this computer" box for the current user account that you might be using while making a new account.
    • When you are done with the same then Restarted and log in with the new account that you have created and go in to System Preferences> Users & Groups again and re-check "Allow user to administer this computer" box for the previous account.
    • Now just Log out and log in with the account that you were using previously and delete the temporary administrator account and then try opening software update.

    Just try out the same and let me know if it is making any difference in your case. If you have any further issue with it then feel free to ask, I will surely try to help you with it as well.

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    Re: OS X Lion error - Failed to authorize right '

    I am not very sure of this will work or not but then I have come across one who was having similar issue. He was able to fix it out later by downloading the combo update for 10.7.4. so if you have not yet tried out the same then you can give combo update a try and see if you are having any luck with it. If that does not help then you can try out reinstalling OS X Lion and then try to install the software update. As far as I guess of there is something wrong with the software update part then reinstallation should fit it out. Just check out and let me know which possible solution from here is appearing to be helping.

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    Re: OS X Lion error - Failed to authorize right '

    You might be getting that error for some particular software while it might be getting updated right?? Just check out the log and let me know for which software “Failed to authorize right '” error is appearing. If it is with few then you can try to install their updates manually rather than using the software. I think installing them manually should help you out but if you are getting the same error message for most of the software then you can try out reinstallation of OS X Lion. A better idea will be booting the system in to Lion recovery mode and after that re-downloading and installing OS X Lion. Best of luck.

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