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Thread: How to Uninstall a Program in Mac OS X Lion

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    How to Uninstall a Program in Mac OS X Lion

    First time I successfully installed MAC OS X Lion in my Intel machine and I am new user of MAC OS. I really love MAC OS X and am very excited to use it. Since, i dont have a mac machine, so I took help from my friend and did some R&D to install this OS on my Intel machine. After that I installed a few application on it but some found out that some of them were are not working properly and some that are already pre-installed are not useful for me. So, I want to Uninstall those applications from my system but I don’t have any idea about how to remove or uninstall application from MAC OS X. Can anyone please help me out.

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    Re: How to Uninstall a Program in Mac OS X Lion

    Apple provides the easiest way to remove the application from MAC OS X as compared to any other operating system in this world. It is so simple in MAC to remove the application. In the windows system, if you want to uninstall the application then it is too complicated but in MAC it is just like deleting a file. I saw several new users for MAC where they are determined to find an “Uninstall Programs” control panel like in Windows but In MAC it is not needed to do that much of steps, its very simple. There are many different way to remove the Applications from MAC OS X. But I will show you the easiest way to remove the Application.

    Uninstall Application IN MAC OS X Lion:

    There is an easy process to remove an application from MAC OS X Lion, follow the below method as instructed:
    1. Run the LunchPad.
    2. Click on the Icon of application you want to uninstall and hold it for few seconds.
    3. Application Icon starts to Jiggle and show you the Black (X) symbol on Icon.
    4. Click on the Black (X) symbol.
    5. It will ask you to delete that file.
    6. Click on the Delete Button to confirm the removal of Application.

    You can also use the drag and drop method to Trash in Mac OS X Lion. Using the Lunchpad in Mac OS X lion does not require to remove the trash after uninstalling Application. It is automatically deleted from there also. The interface of Tap-and-hold is taken from IOS. So, this method should be familiar for them who already used Iphone, Ipad or Ipod touch.

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    Re: How to Uninstall a Program in Mac OS X Lion

    In windows environment, there is way too much complicated way to remove the application. You have to go to Control panel and need to do many steps to uninstall the application. But in MAC OS X it is too much easy to uninstall application as compared to windows or Linux. I will show you how to remove the Application from MAC OS X. First go to Applications directory and select the application which you want to Uninstall. Right click on Icon and select the “Move to Trash” or Drag it into the Trash folder. Now, finally Right-Click on Trash and Select “Empty Trash” and your Application is uninstalled successfully from computer. You can also use Button method to Uninstall Application. You can just click on the application icon and hit Command + delete key to move the application to trash and click on empty the trash. Sometime when we are uninstalling the application from System they leave some library files and cache files in computer. It wont harm the computer system though it will use the space in your hard drive which is a waste. And if you want to remove that as well then you will have to pay more attention. Normally, the gamming applications generate very large size of support folder.

    Location of cache files and Library files are given below:
    ~/Library/Application Support/(App Name)
    Preferences are stored at: ~/Library/Preferences
    Caches are stored in: ~/Library/Caches/(App Name)

    Sometime some application are provided in package system means when you install single installer then number of applications are installed in your system like for softwares like Adobe and Microsoft packages. For example, coral draw Suite might install the CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Corel PowerTRACE, Corel Website Creator, Corel CAPTURE, PhotoZoom Pro 2, etc. When you want to uninstall that kind of application, just run the Uninstaller which came along with the Installation DISC of this software and click on uninstall. That will completely remove all apps.

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    Re: How to Uninstall a Program in Mac OS X Lion

    You can uninstall program in Mac by following method:-
    * Open LaunchPad
    * Click and hold on the icon of the app you want to uninstall
    * When the app icon starts to jiggle, click on the black (X) icon that appears
    * Click on “Delete” to confirm the removal of the app
    You can also use the the drag-to-Trash method in Mac OS X Lion, but LaunchPad is quickest.

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