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Thread: Mac OS X Lion is continuously pinging some http sites

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    Mac OS X Lion is continuously pinging some http sites

    Happy to use this OS in my macbook air just recently purchased it and would love to explore more from this OS. In the recent days I have been using this mac for a long period of time and don’t know in the process it has slowed down a lot. Like many processes does take a lot of time to open up I began to wonder what is causing this problem? One day my ISP people informed me that my mac was Pinging multiple http sites I didn’t understand how it was doing? What led to such kind of ping rates? Do you all have any idea as if what is causing the problem then do tell me about it. because I don’t use internet much maximum time I use it for the office work only, files and docs stuff. So what do you all think what could have lead to this problem? I am waiting for the solutions from your side. Do reply accordingly over here.

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    Re: Mac OS X Lion is continuously pinging some http sites

    Is there something which you have installed recently, if yes is the answer then may be that would be the cause of problem for you. You just have to check about that first and also one more thing go to the terminal and type netstat –ra see what all addresses that you get from the result. At least from the addresses we can get to know which exactly addresses is your mac pinging and what it is upto. So have a look at two possibilities one is the recently installed programs if that is the case then, delete that program, brief up the security of your system make sure your antivirus is updated and turn on the firewall. In the second possibility check out the ip address in which it is continuously pinging to, once you get hold of that ip address. You can inform the ISP people about the same they can block that address.

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    Re: Mac OS X Lion is continuously pinging some http sites

    Does not look to me as a effective method instead I would suggest you to run ps -ax and grep for ping you will see the process id. Now you need to open the utilities and activity monitor sort them according to the process or by PID. If you feel any process is affecting the system then kill them instantly. However it is not every time the processes which are involved with the pinging process there might be some apps which you have downloaded which might be sending some random pings here and there. Keep a track of that as well. So whatever necessary things were required I have mentioned about the same. do have a look at it. I hope this suggestion was useful for you, that’s all I have got for you.

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